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Reliable News Sources for Students

Get the facts straight with reliable news sources for students. Find credible news outlets that offer trustworthy reporting on current events and global issues. Learn how to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources and stay informed with accurate and unbiased news coverage.

The news seems to rule the world. When we learn some piece of information, it may provide us with crucial dividends. For example, businessmen may know what regions are perspective for their companies if they learn the latest and correct news. A politician may win the favor of people if he or she knows what happens in a concrete state. These are only a few examples of how news helps us to be aware of what happens and react effectively with respect to what we have learned recently. The student folk is no exception. Youngsters also want to be aware of the latest tendencies and trends in education and other aspects of our life. Thus, it makes sense to find out the best news sources for students.

We want to warn you that not all sources you find on the Internet are credible news sources for students. Some of them cannot be trusted fully. You should always check the site you visit. We have mentioned the Internet instead of common newspapers because this information is more popular and faster than any printed option. Most students prefer the World Web, and our guest post is dedicated to online sources of information. You can even find essay writers if you know how and where to seek them. At any rate, finding news from a reliable source is utterly beneficial for any learner who wants to be successful. If you need more facts about this captivating matter, find this in the text that follows.

Kid- and Student-Friendly News Sources

We will start our review of useful news sites for students by checking kid- and student-friendly resources. Make allowances for them here below:

  • Time for Kids. This source offers multiple methods, strategies, and techniques that help to improve all the necessary academic skills. It offers teacher support as well. The source suits Grades K–6. You need to pay to access the source.
  • News-O-Matic. This one suits Grades K-8 and is a perfect source of information for elementary school classrooms. You can try it for free, but a subscription isn’t free of charge.
  • News2you. This source suits Grades 2-8. Although it is pretty pricey, it is worth a try because it offers updated news that helps to improve your skills and enlarge your knowledge.
  • CBC Kids News. This source offers incredible stories and videos for kids and is made by kids. 5-15 graders will find a lot of helpful content to make their academic projects interactive. The price is free.
  • Science News for Students. This source differs from others because it focuses on STEM subjects. If any of these 4 disciplines are important to you, feel free to use them. You will enjoy entertaining, interactive, and creative materials. No fees are charged if you use this site.
  • PBS NewsHour Classroom. This one is among the best news websites for students. It is trustworthy and relevant. It highlights current events and changes in the educational sphere. You will find tons of helpful and informative materials. It perfectly suits Grades 6-12 and is free of charge.
  • The Learning Network. This is also among the most reliable and informative news websites for students. It offers relevant and updated news about various topics in education. It suits grades 7-12 and is free.

Primary and Secondary News Sources for Students

The second block is dedicated to primary and secondary sources of student news. Let’s check them straight away:

  • National Museum of African American History and Culture. This one surely offers the best news about the history of African-Americans. It offers great materials, impressive collections, and inspirational lessons. It suits Grades K-12. The cost of using it is free of charge.
  • Library of Congress. We guess no one will ever doubt that the Library of Congress is one of the most credible news sources, as well as it offers various historical materials. It also includes teachers’ support. It suits all ages of learners and can be visited for free.
  • Smithsonian Open Access. This source focuses on really rare and ancient pieces. It represents impressive collections of various historical and cultural creations of different nations. The site suits Grades 3-12 and is chargeless.
  • National Archives. This one is perfect for students who are fond of U.S. history. You find tons of useful data to handle your academic projects. The site suits Grades 4-12.
  • Google Arts & Culture. This site is perfect for all learners who are fond of history and art. It perfectly suits 6-12 graders and can be used for free.
  • Data USA. This resource can perfectly suit you if you are looking for stats for your academic projects. The data offered here is focused on the USA, its history, culture, traditions, and so on. It perfectly suits 8-12 graders.
  • Google Scholar. We guess you have heard a lot about this great search engine. It is excellent for every curious researcher. If you want to enjoy success in learning, opt for it. The platform suits Grades 9-12 and can be used without any fees.

News Aggregators

We would like to end our guest posts with news aggregators. These are as follows:

  • AllSides for Schools focuses on building blocks for meaningful dialogue. So, you learn how to conduct a dialogue instant of pouring down arguments. It suits Grades 6-12. It can be free of charge as well as paid.
  • Google News to suit any interest a modern learner has. Our list of reliable news sources would not be complete if we didn’t mention Google News. It offers a wide range of helpful news and adept guidance from teachers. You can satisfy merely all spheres of interest you have here. This platform charges no fees to learn news from it.

Summing Up

We have checked a lot of helpful and reliable sources. We have selected these ones because we are sure that they are the best news sources for young learners. If you want to be updated on what happens in the world of education and science, visit these sources according to your age and interests. They will surely help you to know the latest trends to use them to your advantage in learning.


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