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REALM – ROOFIX Self-drilling screw for metal roofing

Self-drilling screws do not need a pilot hole because of the drill bit end. They work quite well at fastening thin pieces of metal together. They are the only links that connect the roof (metal envelope) to the structure. They have a tapered shaft with the thread running from the head to the tip continuously. It does not need any kind of pre-drilling or pre-fixing. Self-drilling provides efficient performance by reducing preparation time and constantly ensures a precise and durable bond. Self-drilling screws can drill themselves into the metal roofing which saves a lot of time and effort. As a result of this, self-drilling screws are also ideal for more heavy-duty applications and industries. They also come with a variety of options for the head, tip and other characteristics. With so many options available in the market, how do you choose the correct fastener for your specific project? The ROOFIX fasteners are easy and faster to install. The product has been introduced by REALM to the metal roofing market in India.

Self-drilling screws,- Small product – a Big problem

Self-drilling screws are a small component of the roofing structure but pack a powerful punch. It is best to go for self-drilling screws of the best quality to ensure that the metal envelope stays securely in place. It must be able to withstand all the environmental elements it is exposed to. These include UV degradation, salts from marine environments, acid from industrial pollution, rain, extreme heat, fumes and gases from within factories and plants, etc. While exposed to these conditions the washers must remain elastic, intact and watertight for the life span of the complete roofing system.

REALM realised that the fasteners used in construction can often determine the success or failure of a project. This insight led them to dedicate collective energies toward providing a quality range of fasteners and value-added services designed to not only speed construction, and improve structural reliability but also ensure performance under demanding weather conditions. REALM is supplying ROOFIX Brand of Self Drilling Screws in India. It’s a perfect combination of renowned international design and India-specific customization.

REALM product range for Metal Roofing Industry

REALM product range consists of a perfect combination of renowned international design and India-specific customization. Self-drilling screws are imported only from ISO certified companies across countries in South East Asia. The company’s application specialists provide ready technical support in helping you pick the right product. They have a warehouse facility based out of Navi Mumbai that regularly delivers goods all across India. The product range of Realm consists of Roofing Fasteners / Self Drilling Screws with ROOFIX Brand, DEKS Industries, Melbourne Based company dealing with EPDM Flashing products and DEKS EPDM Washers.

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