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Newly constructed FOB at Tenali Railway Station is open to public now

 The newly constructed Foot Over Bridge (FOB) with a 6-Meter-wide Gangway and a 4-Meter-wide Stairway at Tenali Railway Station has been opened to the public.This is in addition to the old FOB, on the north side of Tenali Station.

With this, the long pending demand of the additional new (second) FOB at Tenali has come to fruition. This FOB connects platform No. 1 at the east main entrance of Tenali Railway Station, leading to island platforms 2 & 3, 4 & 5 on the west side. Passengers alighting now at Tenali can use this FOB to reach the platforms from the east main entrance side easily.

The new additional (second) FOB is being built on the south side of Tenali Station at a cost of Rs 4.2 crore on an additional approval account. The Division has commissioned two FOBs at Tenali and Bapatla Stations respectively during the current financial year 2022-23. Work is at a brisk pace to complete the FOBs at Anakapalli, Ravikampadu, and Gullipadu stations this year.

Shivendra Mohan, Divisional Railway Manager, congratulated E. Santharam, Sr. DEN, Coordination, Bridges and Engineering team for commissioning the FOB and declaring it open to the public. He requested rail users to kindly use the newly commissioned FOB for reaching platforms and refrain from track trespassing.


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