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Double allotment of BDA’s sites continues to trouble buyers

The double allotment came to light when some buyers approached the BDA Revenue Officer for khata certificates and the inspector stated that they had already been allotted to the landowners and others

Many in the city, looking to construct a home, prefer residential sites developed by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) because they are supposed to be litigation free. But what to do when the sites sold by the BDA are under litigation and underdeveloped? If a letter written to the BDA Secretary by the Revenue Officer of BDA West Division, on October 1, 2020, is any indication, it seems that one cannot take the sale deeds between the buyers and the BDA, as genuine.

In the letter, the Revenue Officer made it clear that six sites bearing the numbers 669, 670, 672, 674 and 676 at Sector A, Block 3 of Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Layout are allotted both to landowners, as well as buyers. The double allotment of these sites came into light when some of the buyers have approached the BDA Revenue Officer for khata certificates. The Revenue Inspector made it clear to the buyers that khata certificates cannot be issued since these are already allotted (registered) to the landowners and others.

Vanitha (name changed), one of the buyers who approached the BDA Revenue Officer for a khata certificate, was shocked to know that her site was allotted and registered to another person. “My mother is 75-years-old whose hearing has become impaired. She always dreamt of owning a BDA site and building a house on it, but now she has to wait for some more years to get the site from the BDA. She has already paid Rs 26 lakh for the site and Rs 30,000 for registration,’’ said Veeresh, Vanitha’s son.

Many buyers, whose sites are registered or allotted to others, are afraid of speaking against the BDA authorities. They believe that this may delay the re-allottin
g of a sites.

Meanwhile, Ashok M, Secretary, Nada Prabhu Kempegowda Layout Open Forum, blamed the BDA authorities for not digitising the property documents.

“I want the BDA to upload the information on their websites, regarding the allotment and registration of their sites. This will avoid double allotment and also avoid the site owners running from pillar to post for khata certificates,” questioned Ashok.

However, the BDA Public Relations Officer Girish LP has said the BDA Commissioner has taken a lot of measures to prevent double allotment of sites. “The BDA Commissioner has already suspended those employees responsible for the double allotment of sites.

His aim is to avoid inconvenience to the allottees. Now, all the documents related to site allotments and registration are digitized,’’ said the BDA Public Relations Officer.


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