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Concrete Grinding Tools – Metal Bond Diamond Abrasives

Concrete grinding is a process of making the surface of the concrete smoother and more even than usual. The process has become very popular in the construction industry due to its varied advantages. Concrete grinding restores the old and worn-out concrete surfaces and makes them look good. Concrete grinding is also essential for surface preparation. Grinding removes all the inconsistencies and imperfections of the concrete to make it look smooth and more usable. For better grinding, you must use concrete grinders. They can be used to smooth out uneven surfaces in a concrete slab or even grind down a concrete slab to expose aggregate for a unique polished concrete look. The concrete grinder must be used with appropriate tools to get the desired results. 

Grinding tools such as Metal Bond Diamond Abrasives are ideal for grinding concrete and surface preparation and it offers the ability to perform outstanding grinding while retaining the tool’s free cutting abilities even during the most challenging grinding actions. Diamond tools are more durable than all other abrasives because of the hardness of the diamonds, which last longer than other abrasives.


Prerequisite of a good Metal Grinding Diamond Abrasive

  • Must be available in a number of bond hardness
  • Should offer better grinding and higher productivity
  • Must be capable of lippage removal, coarse grinding, surface preparation, coating and adhesive removal
  • Faster material removal features
  • Must have a cutting speed and wear resistance in heavy grinding

Surie Polex Metal Grinding Diamond Abrasives meet all the criteria as discussed above. Surie Polex supplies metal bond diamond abrasives in various shapes. It offers a better grinding than conventional abrasives and gives higher productivity. These diamond abrasives contain various number of metal bond segments based on the machine and the application. These tools are used for lippage removal, coarse grinding, coating and adhesive removal.

About Surie Polex

Surie Polex, started in the year 1985, is the largest Indian manufacturer and exporter of an extensive array of Floor Polishing Products. The offered range consists of best grade Polishing Abrasives, Diamond Pads, Diamond Tools, Floor Polishing Machines and Concrete Densifiers. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is used to make all the products.

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