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Ammann ARS 110.2 Soil Compactor four-bearing vibratory system

A soil compactor is essential in road construction to ensure a stable and durable foundation that can withstand heavy traffic loads. Soil compactors enhance the load-bearing capacity of the road by reducing air voids and increasing soil density. The equipment also enables achieving a uniform and smooth road surface by eliminating irregularities, bumps, and unevenness in the soil. Improper compaction of soil results in structural distress from excessive total settlements and differential settlements. It is therefore important to select the right soil compactor equipment. The Ammann ARS 110.2 Soil Compactor is a perfect fit for it.

The Ammann ARS 110.2 Soil Compactor, an 11-tonne roller, is built for the Indian market at Ammann’s facility in Mehsana, Gujarat. It is a vibratory single-drum soil compactor designed for medium to heavy-duty compaction applications. The robust, four-bearing vibratory system of the model maximizes output, helping operators reach compaction targets in the fewest possible passes. This vibratory system applies high-frequency vibrations to the drum, aiding in soil compaction. The Ammann ARS 1110.2 is manufactured with operator comfort and safety in mind. It includes features such as a spacious and ergonomic operator platform, easy-to-use controls, and excellent visibility from the operator’s seat.

Applications of the Ammann ARS 110.2 Soil Compactor

The varied amplitude settings of the soil compactor model make it a great fit for multiple applications, which include;

  • National highways
  • City and municipal roads
  • PMGSY (urban-rural connectivity)
  • Railway embankments
  • Airports
  • Mining haul roads
  • Port distribution hubs
  • Formula 1 roadways
  • Internal roads for power
  • Steel plants etc.

The ARS 110.2 is designed to deliver savings after the purchase, particularly when servicing the machine. Convenient maintenance points ensure work is completed quickly. Service points can be accessed from the ground, while the engine can be reached easily through a tiltable platform and hood. An optional, easy-to-install padfoot shell kit helps the roller perform in cohesive soils and penetrate more deeply when needed.

About Ammann India

Ammann India is a leading manufacturer of road construction equipment and machinery, headquartered in Mehsana, Gujarat. Their extensive range of products includes asphalt plants, concrete mixing plants, asphalt pavers, soil compactors, tandem rollers, and other related road construction equipment. The company operates across the country with a vast network of sales, spares, and service touchpoints.

To know more about the equipment, visit: www.ammann.com


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