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Modular Universal Formwork for hand-set applications

PASCHAL India’s Modular Universal Formwork is designed for hand-set applications as well as crane dependent large-size formwork

Modular Formwork Systems are easy to assemble and it is much faster than conventional formwork, it saves time, allowing you to pour sooner. The formwork is designed with standardized panels and few components to speed up the project in less duration. PASCHAL India Modular Universal Formwork has earned its name because this system is used all over the world on many different projects where it demonstrates its versatility, adaptability and flexibility. The degree of difficulty of the structures to be built can vary considerably because the balanced range of panels means that the formwork can be adjusted ideally to all layouts and cross-sections.

The Modular panels are strong and durable, being manufactured of 6 mm-thick high-quality sturdy steel which does not corrode. The surfaces of these panels are covered by high-quality Finnish birch plywood (density 780 kg/ cum) with a phenolic resin coating. The edges of the plywood are protected by a steel frame and the gap between frame and surface is filled with a special joint filling agent. Hence, the panel’s plywood can be reused up to 250 times (approx.) and the steel frame will remain for a longer period. The efficient use of Modular universal formwork can speed up the superstructure by three times compared to the traditional/conventional formwork system.

Modular Universal Formwork Features:

  • Designed for hand-set applications as well as crane dependent large-size formwork
  • Modular design principle and well-balanced panel selection make gang-forming possible even for complicated layout plans
  • German technology and quality
  • Complete formwork solution
  • Modular panel system – various sizes
  • Includes PASCHAL Ident (RFID): A unique feature, a compatible solution for logistics
  • Durable & environment friendly
  • Flat steel frame for guaranteed sturdiness and a long product life cycle
  • Just one connection technique
  • The German Company with a factory setup in India which provides refurbishment facilities for customers for maximum utilization of Paschal Formwork panels.
  • Due to the formwork quality  and above features PASCHAL India has been recognised in government and public sectors
PASCHAL India Modular Universal Formwork System

Modular Universal Formwork Advantages:

  • Versatile, flexible and unique
  • Self-alignment – Précised dimensions
  • Quick adaptability
  • User friendly – easy erection and dismantling
  • Smooth finish – plastering can be avoided

Modular Universal Formwork Applications:

PASCHAL’s Modular Universal Formwork is a multipurpose system that can be used in the reality sector as well as the infrastructure sector. In a building project, the system can be used for footing, plinth beam, columns, walls, roof beam and lift shafts. The system is used wherever the concrete pouring is done. The benefit is that only one system is used in the overall project. The system is also used in many infrastructure projects like power projects for track hoppers, RCC walls, irrigation projects for canal drains, box culverts, water treatment plants and reservoirs.

PASCHAL India offers comprehensive solutions, including the minutest planning and formwork details. The use of their products across multiple states in India bears testament to their extraordinary product quality.

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