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Tower crane rental for commercial project in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is fast emerging as a hub of technical education, IT, and Healthcare. Demand for affordable housing is driving the construction sector in the city. Furthermore, the declaration of the development of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Kalinganagar National Investment Manufacturing Zone, Construction of Office-cum-Commercial Complexes in different districts is fueling the construction demand.

With construction complex designs and tight deadlines, there is demand for mechanised rental tower cranes for the construction of high-rise structures that require lifting and handling. It is finding great demand in residential, commercial and industrial projects for RCC work and Steel fabrication work in Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar market is growing and in both commercial and residential sector. So, definitely the scope of development is very good. Rental tower crane companies are emphasising fleet maintenance and improvement to ensure that the equipment is technologically upgraded to meet the demand of the projects. One such construction equipment rental company is Rann Infra Equipment. It is one of the fastest-growing equipment rental companies in India. We have provided a tower crane on rental service for Delta Square residential project in Bhubaneswar

Rann Infra Equipment Tower Crane Rental for Delta Marriott, Delta square, Bhubaneswar

We provided tower crane rental services for the Delta Marriott, Delta square. in Bhubaneswar as per the customer’s requirements. We were selected for quality and in-depth knowledge of construction equipment life cycles for faster turnaround time. 

A pre-analysis was done for the project, by taking various factors into account such as the length of the boom, radius of rotation, and carrying capacity required. Based on the analysis we provided the most suited tower crane for the project. Tower cranes were assembled and erected on-site with our team of experts. 

Rann Infra Equipment Tower Crane Rental for Delta Marriott, Delta square,  Bhubaneswar
Delta Marriott, Delta square, Bhubaneswar Project details

It’s a commercial project, the structure is steel based.

Tower Crane rented for Delta Marriott, Delta square, Bhubaneswar
  • Potain MCT 125
  • Potain MCi 85
Tower Crane services for Delta Marriott, Delta square, Bhubaneswar
  • Tower Crane Installation on steel structure
  • All-around support for the tower crane with a large number of genuine wearable parts for support
Raj Ranjan Moharana, Managing Director, Rann Infra Equipment

We have implemented procedures that helped the client with preventive repair / maintenance and reduction in downtime. We feel as the industry is growing, gradually all small – medium sized rental companies will have to adopt certain standard procedures in order to increase profitability’, says Raj Ranjan Moharana, Managing Director, Rann Infra Equipment.

The company’s fleet of rental tower cranes features a wide variety of makes and models with varying hook heights, jib lengths and capacities. They strive to provide solutions for vertical applications and have built their rental fleet with this in mind.

The company provides all-around support for the machines even after the warranty. They maintain a large number of genuine wearable parts for fast support so that customers don’t suffer. The company also provides both comprehensive and non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts.

Presently Rann Infra Equipment consists of a team of skilled service engineers, supervisors, technicians, service representatives, operators and installers. The company is rapidly growing and keeps adding new equipment to our fleet for being your one-stop solution for all vertical construction equipment rental partners across the nation.

The company’s tower Cranes on rent are being used for residential & commercial projects, civil construction, high-rise buildings, power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, metro constructions, bridges & flyovers, dams and other similar construction activities.  

For exploring the company’s full range of rental tower crane services, visit-


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