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One-stop tower crane rental partner- Rann Infra Equipment

Modern tower cranes models are equipped with advanced technology, provide ease of lifting heavy construction materials to large heights and require minimum time and effort. All these factors are fueling the demand for tower cranes across India. However, there are several costs associated with the purchase of new tower cranes, such as the cost of equipment ownership, the initial asset cost, and the tenure to pay off equipment financing, plus maintenance and repair costs. Contractors are wary of such costs. Also, tower cranes are often left idle until it’s needed for a new project. Naturally, doing so only leads to equipment depreciation. Tower crane rental can address this issue. The increasing demand for advanced construction equipment is expected to drive the tower crane rental market growth.

Furthermore, significant investments by government agencies in the construction sector are expected to propel the demand further. Rental Companies are emphasizing fleet maintenance and improvement to ensure that the equipment is technologically upgraded.

If you are looking to rent a tower crane for your project Rann Infra Equipment is the perfect fit for you. It is one of the fastest-growing equipment rental companies in India. Established in 2015 with the vision of providing various facilities from erection, maintenance and dismantling exclusive rental tower crane services.

Raj Ranjan Moharana Managing Director, Rann Infra Equipments

Constrofacilitator had one-to-one interaction with Raj Ranjan Moharana, Managing Director, Rann Infra Equipments. He has 20 years of experience in the construction business and worked with many renowned companies. His passion for cranes helped him ensure the successful completion of projects. During the interaction, he shared insights on how the idea behind the company, services, equipment and market potential of rental construction equipment in India.

Here are the excerpts of the interview.

1. Rental tower crane trends show a stronger focus on safety, maneuverability, and on-site support. What services are being provided by the company in this regard?

We provide tower crane that is suitable according to the project requirement. Our commitment to quality is to provide equipment that is fully functional and tested. Our highly skilled and responsive customer service team makes sure that our customer gets the right tested tower crane. Our core value is safety first and we are passionate to deliver excellent customer service.

2. How does Rann Infra Equipment maintain Quality Asset Management capabilities to ensure that the rental equipment is technologically upgraded?

We are rapidly growing and adding new equipment every day for being your one-stop equipment rental partner across the nation. A Fleet of Equipment is added to serve the infrastructure industry without any uninterrupted construction activities. Also, we organize training programmes for our technicians and engineers which helps them understand current market requirements and new equipment.

Tower Crane Installation on steel structure for Delta Square, Bhubaneshwar
3. How has the demand been for rental tower cranes PAN India, which area has foreseen the most demand?

 We already know that many international companies are leaving China. We hope positively that our government takes good steps to attract those companies to invest in India. So, all the manufacturing and service investment comes into our country. There’s a good chance to get the benefit of that even though many of the companies announced that we are coming into India with big investment. Every state government is active to grab this opportunity. So We may hope that the construction equipment rental company has good days ahead. 

4. How has the Indian market for tower crane rentals grown over the past few years and what are the challenges?

The demand for rental construction equipment surged due to the shift from traditional to automated equipment as consumers are renovating the old technology. Companies can benefit from renting equipment rather than buying it. Renting an equipment is cost-effective because it caters to short-term equipment needs and also eliminates the responsibility of testing, maintenance and services. Availability of the equipment according to the requirement can be challenging. You need trained staff to keep the records and to understand the work process. Perhaps the most important expectation of running a successful rental business is to provide customers with a positive experience. We offer on-site training programmes as well to train the staff so that there’s no difficulty in handling the machine and recording the work process.

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