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Pneumatic tyre roller features and different models

A pneumatic tyre roller is a compaction equipment used to compact fine-graded soil. The equipment uses static pressure in both vertical and horizontal directions to reduce air voids in the soil. The equipment provides an even and consistent amount of force across the area it is compacting which leads to better particle relocation and compaction density. These types of compaction equipment are suitable for soft base materials or layers of loose soil and closely-grained sands. The weight of the equipment and air pressure of the tyres can be adjusted to meet the specific pressure desired on a particular job. It is used on several different projects such as highways, large parking lots, and driveways. 

Features of pneumatic tyre rollers

Pneumatic tyre roller features are being upgraded to meet the needs of the challenging job sites contractor. The latest models feature the hydrodynamic propulsion system that ensures productivity. The pneumatic tyre rollers perform on both aggregates and asphalt, offering flexibility with air pressure adjustment features. The newer models are also equipped with ergonomic controls and the rotating, sideway-sliding seat and steering assembly, making it comfortable to operate.

Oscillating front tyres are being added with latest models to provide uniform surface coverage, compaction and sealing. When the equipment works on rough terrain, the wheel swing mechanism ensures the even ground pressure, which can make the materials be compacted evenly. The new machines are built along the modular design with standardised components and subsystems. Manufacturers are providing an upgradation of the ballasting range, traction control, intuitive control, tyre pressure adjustment etc. 

Different types of pneumatic tyre roller models

Different types of pneumatic tyre rollers are being used across projects to achieve maximum density and excellent smoothness of roads. 

Pneumatic tyre rollers for kneading and sealing 

Kneading and sealing effect is pivotal is a vital aspect of construction sites. The latest models provide the kneading and sealing to compact soil at greater depths on tough terrain. The equipment works on both asphalt and aggregates.The tyre widths and arrangement ensure consistent coverage and even weight distribution. The Air-on-run system in the equipment enables the operator to adjust tyre pressure. The optional traction Control features of the equipment boost productivity on tough terrain. The proven hydrodynamic propulsion system ensures efficiency. A ballasting range of 9.5 tonnes to 24 tonnes is available in the equipment making it a good fit on diverse job sites.

Pneumatic tyre rollers with on-board inflation system 

The newer models with on-board inflation system tyre contact can be optimised by the easily adjusted tyre pressure, which is managed from a conveniently located central point, helping to achieve target compaction in fewer passes. Optional in-cab tyre pressure adjustment allows operators to adjust tyre pressure on the move at the press of a button. Water nozzles and screens can be quickly removed, cleaned or replaced. Easily removable filters sit behind each of the eight spray nozzles to ensure a fine mist.

Volvo PT220C Pneumatic Tyre Roller
Pneumatic tyre rollers with the additive-sprinkling system

The newer models feature an additive sprinkling system used for paving special asphalt roads. On the new machines, the additive concentrate is simply filled without premixing then filled into a separate tank on the roller. The dosage from the large additive tank with level monitoring can be controlled from the operator’s platform in various additional levels. The water and additive are mixed automatically, which guarantees a lasting optimal mixing ratio without demixing. The operator can monitor the fill level via the display on the control panel. 

Dynapac CP274 Pneumatic Tyre Roller
Pneumatic tyre rollers with hydrostatic system

Hydrostatic drive in newer models enables smooth machine operation. Drive motors directly drive the tyres, reducing transmission losses and allowing precise control. Hydraulic motors are mounted directly to the rear wheel assembly, driven by a variable displacement hydraulic pump. Hydraulic power steering provides precise steering to maximise surface coverage with uniform tyre coverage. The machine is used for sealing of the topmost bituminous layer. The sealing ensures that no water seepage takes place on the road. The drive quality also improves with the use of the equipment model. A significant feature of the machines is the smooth start-stop procedure when changing driving direction. The wide base tyres, air-on-the-run option and backup sprinkler further enhance the resulting quality. 

Wirtgen HAMM GRW180i Pneumatic Tyre Roller


Discussed above are different types of models being used across projects in India. Pneumatic tyre roller manufacturers are now focusing on feature upgrades for performance and fuel efficiency. Additionally, operator friendliness is a prime focus. In an upcoming article, we will discuss about new pneumatic tyre roller models available in the market.

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