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Top 10 reasons why you have to select microtopping flooring

Microtopping flooring is an alternate concrete-coating service. Microtopping flooring comes during a multitude of colors and textures. It’s a cementitious polymer mixture applied in very low thicknesses starting from 1mm to 3mm (in 2 or 3 coats) It achieves a superb compressive strength and ideally suitable for resurfacing and providing an ornamental, rustic top surface that can be polished to provide a dense, satin-finish surface. It is often applied indoors also as walls to provide a uniform space with light, depth and harmony. Microtopping flooring is as versatile because it is gorgeous. Your imagination is that the only limit because it offers a wide range of colors, textures and infinite designs. Selection of sealer provides slip and chemical resistance, easy maintenance, a variation of gloss levels, protection, and lots of other multipurpose uses.

During Curing of Microtopping Flooring
During Curing of Microtopping Flooring

What makes, Microtopping stands out are its features-

  1. Uniqueness application – Microtopping requires special knowledge and craftsmanship.
  2. Higher resistance – Microtopping features a significantly superior resistance compared to a typical resinous flooring.
  3. Continuity – one among the best advantages of Microtopping is that it are often applied seamlessly with none joints.
  4. Design versatility – Microtopping comes with a range of colors and textures. Your imagination is that the only limit.
  5. Dual Surface – Vertical also as horizontal surfaces.
  6. Cleaning and maintenance becomes easy
  7. Colours are often changed anytime – although most of them love grey
  8. Perfectly fitting for interior and exterior flooring.
  9. Bathroom friendly – Microtopping provides sufficient adhesion and it adapts to the form of the support.
  10. Environmental friendly.

Wide application area of Microtopping flooring

Microtopping flooring features a big selection of applications that comes with both indoor and outdoor requirements. Its application areas are-

  1. All areas of residential surfaces including living rooms, bedrooms, patios, bathrooms & kitchens.
  2. swimming pool decks & pergolas.
  3. Spas and jacuzzis.
  4. Retail stores, clinics and public spaces.
  5. Restaurants and hotels.
  6. Salons, shops, showrooms and museums.
  7. Reception areas, hotel-lobbies & office space.
Microtopping flooring executed by Neocrete Technologies.

In the first few days of application, isolation of Microtopping is important to make sure an ideal and sturdy finish, especially during the primary month. Microtopping must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 6 to 7 days, to permit the pores to shut before it can take any traffic or offer any resistance.

Microtopping offers veracity but it requires expert supervision. One such group of experts is Neocrete Technologies. The versatility of Neocoat UTM makes it possible to be applied over concrete, tile, wood, or any stone flooring without the necessity to get rid of the substrate. Neocoat UTM provides a joint-less, tactile unique surface that suits the encompassing sort of architecture.

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Written by Mr.Balaji Ravikumar (Regional Manager – South)


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