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Spreading awareness about safety demolition methodologies

The real estate industry in India is poised for significant growth, driven by modern infrastructure developments and various transportation enhancements. Simultaneously, vehicle scrappage facilities are being established across the country. However, a pressing issue is the staggering annual generation of 530 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste. To address this concern, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change took a crucial step on March 29, 2016, by notifying the Construction & Demolition Waste Management Rules.

These rules are a proactive initiative aimed at effectively addressing pollution and enhancing waste management practices. Under the C&D Waste Recycling Policy of the Government of India, which encompasses the C&D Waste Management Rules 2016, each state government is mandated to implement this policy. Specifically, it requires every city in India with a population exceeding one million to ensure the recycling of C&D waste, with clear guidelines provided for implementation.

These rules further present immense opportunities for foreign manufacturers to share their experiences from their own countries and educate Indian stakeholders and contractors. Furthermore, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has modified its Codes of Practice to permit the use of recycled aggregates in concrete construction. Notably, recycling is gaining traction among property owners as both a compliance measure and a sustainability point of view. .

How many of us are aware of these rules ?

To promote awareness of responsible demolition practices and meet the growing demand,  the Indian Demolition Association is organising DEMTECH India 2023. Established in November 2019 by a consortium of demolition contractors in India, the Indian Demolition Association LLP aims to advance the industry. The conference is scheduled to take place on September 28th and 29th, 2023, at White Petals in the Palace Grounds, Bengaluru, India. 

On the verge of the growing demand for different methods, equipment and tools are being used across projects in India.

Demolition Methods 

A wide variety of demolition methods are being used to safely and efficiently dismantle structures, making way for new developments or renovations. Different methods includes;

  • Manual Demolition: Involves the use of hand tools like sledgehammers, crowbars, and chisels to dismantle structures manually. Used for small-scale demolitions and selective removal of specific components.
  • Mechanical Demolition: Heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, and backhoes are employed to break down structures mechanically. Used for medium to large-scale demolitions, including residential and commercial buildings.
  • Controlled Demolition:  A precision method using strategically placed explosives to safely and predictably bring down structures. Used for large structures, such as bridges and industrial facilities; requires careful planning and permits.
  • Implosion Demolition: A specialized controlled demolition technique using explosives to make a building collapse inward on itself. Used for tall structures in densely populated areas where conventional demolition is impractical.
  • Chemical demolition: Involves the use of concrete demolition powder, concrete breaking chemicals, and concrete cracking chemicals to safely bring down large structures.
Demolition Methods

Demolition Equipments

Choosing the right equipment for demolition is of paramount importance safety of the workers involved and the public. 

  • Excavators: Versatile machines equipped with attachments like hydraulic breakers for breaking down walls and structures. Suitable for general demolition tasks, including digging and breaking.
  • Bulldozers: Used for pushing down walls, levelling the demolition site, and clearing debris. Suitable for Initial site clearing and heavy-duty demolition tasks.
  • Backhoes: Used for digging, breaking, and lifting heavy materials during demolition. Suitable for Precise excavation and material handling.
  • Cranes: Essential for handling heavy debris and materials. Suitable for lifting and moving large objects, including steel beams.
  • Wrecking Balls: Large steel balls suspended from cranes to impact and break down structures. It is suitable for demolishing concrete and steel structures.
  • High-Reach Excavators: Designed for demolishing tall structures and reaching high places. Suitable for tall buildings and structures, such as chimneys and silos.
  • Wheel Loaders: Equipped with buckets that come in different shapes and sizes, allowing wheel loaders to handle materials such as concrete rubble, bricks, and dirt. 
  • Skid Steer Loaders: Comes with demolition grapple attachments are versatile machines for demolition tasks. These machines can grip and tear through various materials, including wood, metal, and concrete.
  • Demolition Tools
Demolition Equipments

Demolition tools

Different types of tools are necessary for demolition projects cutting and breaking down buildings and structures. 

  • Handheld tools: Sledgehammers, Crowbars, Jackhammers used for breaking concrete and masonry.
  • Cutting Tools: Circular saws, concrete saws, and demolition torches for cutting through materials.
  • Drilling Tools: Rotary hammers, augers etc used creating holes for explosives in controlled demolitions.
  • Dust Suppression Tools: Dust curtains, misting systems, fogging systems etc used to control airborne dust during demolition to protect workers and the environment.
  • Safety Gear: Personal protective equipment such as helmets, goggles, gloves, and dust masks.
  • Explosives and Blasting Tools:  Detonators, blasting mats etc used in controlled demolition and implosion methods, including detonators and explosives.
  • Material Handling Tools: Wheelbarrows, conveyor belts etc for moving debris efficiently.
Demolition tools

About the conference and topics

The conference seeks to unite professionals, experts, and stakeholders from the demolition industry, serving as a platform for knowledge acquisition, exploration of new technologies, understanding market dynamics, and product showcases. Furthermore, the conference aims to raise awareness about India’s existing 2015 government rules concerning safe disposal and recycling, with expert speakers from organisations like BIS.

Topics with in-depth overview of demolition in India

The conference will cover various topics on demolition that will provide an overview of the key areas where demolition opportunities arise in India, including:

  • Present and Future potential of Demolition in India
  • Urban Development and Redevelopment
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Latest Codes on Demolition 

This conference can be attended by a wide range of participants, including manufacturers, demolition contractors, infrastructure companies, multinational corporations, consultants, government agencies, and allied industries. 

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