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What Are the 7 Crucial Apps Students Need to Install on the New iPhone?

So you got yourself a new iPhone? That’s awesome! There are many reasons why young people choose this brand over others. First of all, it’s because of its sleek design and incredible user experience. Also, they choose it for compatibility with other Apple products and security. But, most importantly, students choose these gadgets for a vast selection of helpful and high-quality apps.

If you are a first-time user of iOS, it can be confusing which apps you really need now. But we have you covered! In this article, we’ve gathered some of the most crucial tools that you should download right away to your new smartphone.


This is a web app rather than a mobile one. However, this is definitely the very first thing a student needs to have on their new smartphones. WritePaper is one of the most reputable paper writing services existing today, and it’s meant to make your life in college simple and carefree. Starting from only $11.4 per page, this service can handle any academic task for you, from simple multiple-answer questions to dissertations and research papers.

Students love writepaper for its professionalism and guarantees of success. With this service at hand, you will easily achieve academic success without spending too much of your time. So when you get a new iPhone, be sure this is the first tool that you bookmark!

McAfee Security

When you buy a brand-new gadget, you sure want to keep it safe and work well for as long as possible. Especially when the purchase is as big and expensive as an iPhone. However, even though the freshest models do come with the newest software and hardware, they aren’t fully protected from external threats. Thus, the second app you have to install is McAfee.

This tool is an award-winning antivirus. It is available for iOS and has all the features you might need. McAfee will help you protect your device and personal data from any dangers that might be out there.

Google Drive

When you download your reliable academic helper and security tool, the next app you need is Google Drive. As you should probably know, this is a cloud-based storage solution offered by Google. It allows you to store all your documents and files in one place, synchronize them across multiple gadgets, and access them anytime and from anywhere.

For students, in particular, Google Drive is a must-have solution. We all know that modern students do a big part of their homework online. Respectively, having good cloud storage at hand will let you rest assured that your papers and study materials are safe and always available. Besides, Google Drive also includes a bunch of productivity tools like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which can be useful for college too.


Speaking about productivity, it’s important to achieve it in college unless you take a lot of notes. During lectures and classes, students need to take a lot of them in order to have enough materials to prepare for future exams and projects and complete their homework. However, needless to say, taking hand-written notes is quite outdated. So the third app you have to install is Evernote.

This is a trending note-taking app. Evernote allows students to capture and organize their ideas and notes in one place. It also includes features like reminders and to-do lists, which can help students stay on top of their assignments and deadlines.


The next app you should definitely install on your new iPhone is Quizlet. You might’ve heard about it before. It’s a popular study app that helps learners achieve success. It enables you to create unique flashcards and study sets for different subjects. Or you can also use ready-made study materials. It also includes games and study modes to help students memorize and review their material.

According to numerous reviews and surveys, Quizlet really does help college students achieve success. Science proves the effectiveness of flashcards for memorizing and retaining information. So if you want to be a high-achiever, be sure to download it ASAP.


The next recommendation we have for you is also a productivity tool. Not many of you might’ve heard about it. But once you try it, you will regret that you didn’t download it earlier.

So what does Forest do? Basically, the core goal of this application is to help students stay focused by encouraging them to stay off their phones. The app offers you to plant a virtual tree. As long as you don’t leave Forest to use other apps, it will keep “growing” your tree. And if you exit, your tree will die. Although the concept is very simple, Forest indeed helps to stay concentrated and not use other tools during your work or study sessions. So this is something every student should try!

Chegg Books

We all know that a variety of textbooks are among the biggest expenses in college. Every year, students are required to purchase new books, some of which can cost hundreds of bucks. Needless to say, this is devastating for young people who live on a budget. And that’s why Chegg Books is one more tool you should install right away.

This app is meant to help you save on textbooks. Chegg lets you rent or buy used textbooks and, thus, save up to 90% of their cost. Moreover, this platform lets you also sell your old books to make a few extra bucks.

The Bottom Line

iPhones are great for students due to many reasons. And first of all, they are known for their vast collection of handy applications. But though such a wide range of options is generally good, when you get a new phone, it can be easy to get lost in this variety.

Luckily, now you have a list of the top apps that you will have to get on your new iPhone right away. Each of these apps will make your life easier and help you achieve success. So don’t wait any longer and install them ASAP!


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