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6 Urgent Commercial Building Maintenance Problems to Fix as Soon as Possible

Historically, real estate investments and property management have been some of the safest business ventures. However, this venue is not devoid of day-to-day responsibilities you need to keep tabs on. If you want your premises to perform effectively and keep producing expected revenue, you need to be present 24/7 and address pending problems with no delays.

Property maintenance makes an incredibly important part of this puzzle and quick reactions will definitely keep larger problems at bay.

But, why stop there? Maintenance issues are much easier to spot if you know where to look and we have pretty good experience with all things that can go wrong in this regard. So, let us quickly cover some of the most frequent commercial building maintenance problems to keep on your radar.

Electrical network

When it comes to running a commercial property, the electrical installations and their maintenance are among the top priorities. Putting aside the fact that whoever is renting your investment will need a power network to run efficiently 24/7, electrical issues can cause major structural damage. So, be sure to regularly check the power outlets, current circuit loads, and power surges. 

Ideally, you should inspect these issues on a monthly basis. Your task will be made much simpler if you install surge protectors and keep your tenants informed about the electrical network and its load capacity.

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HVAC system

The HVAC system has a tremendous impact on the well-being of the residents. Keeping in mind you are renting a commercial property, the ability to keep the premises properly ventilated should be one of your top concerns. All the more so when you take into account that HVAC issues can also cause power issues and decreased energy efficiency. 

Therefore, you should do your best to keep the ducts clean and regularly inspect and replace the air filters. Above-average indoor humidity, inaccurate thermostat, and strange smells and noises will alert you to any pending and immediate issues.

Plumbing network

When it comes to the issues that can cause massive damage to the structural integrity of your property, plumbing issues probably make it to the very top of the list. What makes this problem even worse is that plumbing issues, due to their nature, usually go unnoticed before they go out of proportion. 

This is the occasion where you should look for professional handyman services and collaborate on a shared inspection and maintenance plan. The signs you should expedite this process come in the form of low water pressure, a rise in water bills, sluggish drains, and unusual color of the water.

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Structural damage

Buildings, like any other man-made objects, are susceptible to wear and tear. Due to factors like local climate, usage, and maintenance, this process can be slowed down and sped up. Your goal is to try to keep your property in pristine condition for as much as possible. 

Be sure to look for signs of cracks, structural issues, uneven doors and windows, as well as uneven floors, and be quick to react as soon as you notice something is off. This is yet another instance where you should get in touch with an experienced professional. These issues are very complex and require a certain level of expertise.

Broken boiler

Boiler issues tend to be problematic since they are hard to notice, especially in the hot summer months when you are not heating the premises. So, when the colder weather finally kicks in and you notice the boiler isn’t working properly, the repairs take too long and you are compromising the experience of the building occupants. 

Smaller issues also keep adding zeros to your bills, and if not drastic enough, they usually go unchecked. This problem can be easily avoided by doing off-season test runs. In this case, if you spot any issues, you will be able to put an end to them with all due diligence.

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Roof damage

Last but not least, we would like to quickly address the roof which is one of the structurally critical elements of your commercial property. Unfortunately, the list of things that can cause roof leaks is quite long and covers issues like cracks in the roof, clogged gutters, pest infestation, problems with heating and cooling units, harsh weather, and numerous others. 

The only way to address these issues is to constantly inspect the roof structure and diligently look for any stains or damp spots in the rooms below. Buckets and tarps can minimize further damage, but you need to quickly react to these warning signs.

So, these were the six most common commercial building maintenance problems you should always keep in mind if you want to keep your investment structurally sound and profitable. Be sure to keep the elements and areas we have covered regularly inspected to prevent the expansive repairs you will get if you leave these issues unchecked. 

The key to running a successful commercial property lies in prevention rather than reaction. The common problems we have covered above should definitely focus your attention in the right direction.

Authored By Mike Johnston

Cover Image by DC Studio on Freepik


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