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6 Career Opportunities a Tech Degree Will Open for Students

We are living in a digital and technologically-advanced world. So there is no wonder why there was a massive shift toward tech-related degrees in recent years. A number of studies revealed that the number of students enrolling in tech or engineering programs in college has tripled over the last five years.

If you are also considering studying technology (or already are), you must be prepared for the challenges waiting for you out there. Indeed, it’s not the easiest program to get into. It requires a lot of math, diligence, and hard work to pull it through. At the same time, there are the same typical issues that all students face. These include loads of academic papers, endless exams, etc. So the biggest part of tech students are relying on professional paperwriter help just to survive through college. But, apparently, the struggle is worth the result.

The primary sign that acquiring a tech degree is worth your time and effort is that it eventually opens up a wealth of career opportunities for you. If you need a bit of motivation, read on, and we will tell you about the top six career paths that such degrees will unlock for you!

Software Developer

Average salary: $112,000

Also referred to as software engineer or software development engineer, this role is one of the most craved ones among tech graduates. The primary job responsibility is to plan, develop, test, and deploy new software applications. This career is both challenging and exciting. It requires a wide range of skills and knowledge, including programming languages, computer science, critical thinking, and more. And the reasons to choose it are the high and stable pay, as well as the huge demand for specialists in this field on the market. According to the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this sector is projected to have a 25% rise between 2021 and 2031.

Data Scientist

Average salary: $125,053

Data science is another exciting opportunity for tech majors. The job requires you to collect, analyze, and interpret huge sets of data using advanced analytical tools, such as predictive modeling, AI, and ML (machine learning). This role also requires a solid set of skills. Namely, data scientists must be well-versed in math, calculus, statistics, coding, linear algebra, data visualization, etc. These specialists also must possess soft skills, such as collaboration and communication. Although it’s rather challenging, this career is great due to many reasons. The average pay for it is even higher than that for software developers. As for the demand, the projections for this field also look optimistic, as the number of specialists in it is expected to grow by 36% by 2031.

IT Manager

Average salary: $138,111

If you want a job that’s not that technical yet still within the tech market, then this option is a great choice. This role has many names, including information systems manager, IT director, chief information officer, and chief technology officer. People in this role are responsible for overseeing the tech needs within their companies. They typically collaborate with executive and upper management and deal with large purchasing decisions, software and hardware upgrades, etc. This career requires strong management, leadership, strategic thinking, communication, and many other soft skills. The path to this role might be somewhat longer. However, the high pay and huge demand for good experts are worth the effort.

Computer System Analyst

Average salary: $99,210

Another role you can choose with your degree is computer system analyst. This role implies designing computer systems for client organizations using the appropriate software, hardware, and network solutions. Landing a job like this requires an excellent understanding of IT, computer systems, and business models. It also requires a set of soft skills, such as research, communication, etc. Although the average salary for this role is lower compared to the previous options, it’s still in high demand. The need for specialists in this field is expected to increase by 9% in the following 10 years.

Computer Network Architect

Average salary: $110,934

An excellent opportunity for tech majors is a job as a computer network architect. These specialists design and build data communication networks. It also requires a broad range of knowledge and skills, including computer science, networking technology, business IT, communication, etc. The career path for this role is rather long. If you are aiming for it, you must know that a computer network architect isn’t an entry-level position, which means you will need to acquire between 5 to 10 years of experience in related positions to land it. However, if you withstand this path, you will get a stable, well-paid career with a good tendency for growth.

Site Reliability Engineer

Average salary: $129,322

The next opportunity isn’t as widely known as the roles of data scientists or software developers. Still, the job of a site reliability engineer is gaining momentum and becoming an excellent option for tech graduates. The primary responsibility of these specialists is to ensure that websites and business applications are operating smoothly and delivering good user experiences. The required skills include software development, coding, programming languages, DevOps practices, etc. The career path for this position is also rather long, as it typically requires hands-on experience. However, it pays well and offers professionals great growth opportunities. On top of that, such roles have been experiencing significant annual growth of 34% in the last four years. That is, the demand for such specialists will only grow in the future, which makes it a great option!

The Bottom Line

These days, earning a tech degree has numerous perks. First of all, it gives you access to in-demand knowledge and skills that can be applied across numerous industries and verticals. As you now know, the range of career opportunities is also extensive. It still can get hard to study for one to the point of needing to ask for help. However, with the modern essay editing services, getting the needed help has become easier than ever.

If you still feel pressure, don’t worry. All the opportunities you’ll have with a tech diploma will make it worth your while. The jobs on this list are only a few of the many opportunities for people with tech diplomas. Of course, there are many other options too. Keep this in mind to stay motivated to acquire your degree and build a brilliant career in the future.


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