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Webinar on Hazards & Risks Organised by CEAI

Risks are encountered at every step and hence an exhaustive discussion would virtually not be feasible. The webinar will focus on three areas. Firstly, Risks in Engineering, be they Projects or others. Given the complexity of engineering in these times, the identification, assessment and mitigation of risks is necessary and essential; that’s what will be talked about. 

Secondly, Contracts, which whether written or oral, explicit or implied have also become a part and parcel of our life. Hence, understanding Risks in a Contract is essential. Thirdly, the need to address hazards which if not properly dealt with can lead to risks. There are man-made risks and those on account of nature. Natural phenomena in most cases result in multi-hazard situations; one disaster giving rise to another – storms to landslides or glacial movement and floods; cyclones to storm surges, tsunamis by undersea earthquakes, etc.

To address all these risks and hazards, Consulting Engineers Association of India is organising a live webinar.

Date- 24TH JUNE 2021

Time-10:30 AM IST

The webinar will help to orient and channelise the thought process so that the consequences can be minimized if not totally nullified. Engineers from all disciplines, Design Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Construction Professionals Consultants, Corporate Legal Heads, VP/ GM Contracts, Commercial Managers, Project Managers, Lawyers & Arbitrators, Insurance Professionals and Others who have a professional interest in Engineering projects and products will find to be of immense benefit.

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