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WBHIRA has approved over 480 projects in one year

Total 65 projects were cleared since March 2020. Out of these 30 were passed during lockdown since 20th March 2020 (10 each in end of March, April and May).

The Housing Industry Regulatory Authority (WBHIRA) has now approved nearly 500 housing projects. “WBHIRA approved registration of 488 projects in last one year since June 2019,” housing secretary O S Meena said.

He said the cumulative number of projects registered were 865 in Feb 2020, which is 930 as on 26th June 2020. Total 65 projects were cleared since March 2020. Out of these 30 were passed during lockdown since 20th March 2020 (10 each in end of March, April and May).

All details of registered project available on its website for public viewing and transparency. Aggrieved homebuyers and promoters can file complaint online paying Rs 1000/- fee for adjudication of disputes on delay in possession, non-compliance or adherence to specifications, common area amenities and timelines as agreed in sale agreement and other violations of WBHIRA Act 2017 & Rules.

The authority extended relief on such few hundred such specific complaints after hearing parties and passing reasoned orders, available on website. Publishing WBHIRA registration number and website address is mandatory for any advertising/ sale promotions by promoter or real estate agents. Possession within three months of obtaining completion certificate is also mandatory.

WBHIRA safeguards interests of home buyers and has mechanism for speedy grievance redressal for all stakeholders. Proactive disclosure of project details and maintaining accounts of collection from allottees as escrow account ensures protection to allottees.

Mitigation measures notified recently has specifically made conditions to safeguard interests of homebuyers, asking for rescheduling of instalments/ payments in commensurate to construction progress of project duly verified by project architect/ engineer and certified by Chartered Accountant. Delivery of possession in three months from completion certificate is mandatory.

It’s expected that re-start of construction of projects will pick up and all sincere efforts taken to complete running projects and conclude deliveries. Online registration of sale agreement and eDeeds as being facilitated by IGR has been helpful.

Public queries on emails at, in addition to specific online complaints are responded promptly.

The authority was established under section 20 of West Bengal Housing Industry Regulatory Act, 2017.

The objective was to regulate and promote of the housing sector and to ensure sale of plot, apartment or building, as the case may be, or sale of real estate project, in an efficient and transparent manner and to protect the interest of consumers in the real estate sector and to establish a mechanism for speedy dispute redressal and for matters connected. Registration of real estate projects with the Housing Industry Regulatory Authority is compulsory under Section 3 of the West Bengal Housing Industry Act, 2017.


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