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Types of Concrete Slipform Paver Machines

Modern hybrid concrete slipform paver machines are in demand due to the impetus given to road pavement construction. Depending on the type of concrete slipform paver used, it can do the finish grading; spread the concrete over the subgrade; vibrate, tamp, strike off and shape the concrete to the desired thickness and surface conformation. Models are now enhanced with a 3D control system and multiple track layer concrete paving systems. Depending on the concrete slipform paver model, the belt conveyor is also available in different lengths and folding designs. Manufacturers are focusing now on concrete spreading features, paving pan lengths and operation control systems of these machines. Contractors are looking for smart concrete slipform paver features that can save on fuel and reduce costs associated with labor behind and around the machines. Discussed below are the different types of concrete slipform machines available in India.

Different Concrete Slipform paver machines

Slipform Pavers for uniform concrete spreading

Modern concrete slip form pavers come with a spreader plough that is used for spreading concrete uniformly. The paving width of these machines ranges from 3.5 to 12 meters. This big machine spreads out, forms and applies an initial finish to the surface of low-slump portland cement concrete. Contractors use it to create a continuous and seamless pavement surface for road construction projects. They are attached with a severe-duty engine that is designed and built to perform in demanding conditions, applications and environments. The newer model features an oscillation correction beam which helps in removing the irregularities of dowel bar insertion. The string line sensors in these machines provide accurate navigation and paving paths. Slewable 4 crawler tracks in these machines are provided with polyurethane pads to steer and turn a track from 0- 90 degrees. It also features an ergonomically designed dashboard and high-pressure cleaning system.

Ajax SPX1204

Slipform Pavers for greater paving pan length

The slipform paver models now come with a greater paving pan of 1524 mm in length. It provides quality paving and a better-finished road. It comes with lever-type operating controls which are very easy to operate. The machine is equipped with augers as the finishing equipment which can be used automatically to move concrete from edge to edge. Hard surfaced straight type hydraulic needles of the machine give the correct vibration effect to provide better consolidation & good consistency. The machine places aggregate slightly under the surface of the concrete to provide a smooth surface finish. It features an Universal Hydraulic pump system that allows interchangeability of the pumps in emergency cases to run the basic functions of the machine. It also has advanced features like a hard-surfaced auger for spreading concrete, a temper bar system for better finish of the surface, bigger and adjustable paving pan for the better paving area. 

Apollo HEM 2-Track Slipform Paver

Slipform Paver for single or dual-layer concrete paving

There are large slipform paver machines available for paving concrete slabs at widths of up to 16.00 m and layer thicknesses of up to 450 mm. With a single machine, you can pave single or dual layers of roads as per requirement. A second concrete paving kit is available for integration to enable the highly economical paving of dual-layer concrete slabs in a single operation. It is capable of paving motorways across the full carriageway width, industrial sites, airport runways and taxiways or other airport areas in single-layer or dual-layer applications. The slip form paver’s dowel bar and tie bar inserters are distinctive for their high degree of automation. Oscillating beam and super smoother, burlap and texture curing features in the machine ensure a perfect surface finish of the completed concrete slab. Additional high-tech components can be integrated into the machine to insert reinforcement into the concrete slabs during the paving operation. The machine also includes a dowel bar inserter (DBI), side tie bar inserter and longitudinal joint tie bar inserter.

Writgen SP 1600


Manufacturers are designing and producing quality concrete slipform pavers capable of meeting the challenges of paving superior and smooth pavements. Focus remains on the machine’s frame design, mold design and control systems. Apart from these features, manufacturers are continuing to improve the operator’s working environment by adding more comfort and safety features to their machines.


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