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Reinforcement of Tunnels with RELinforce™

The tunnels are subjected to water penetration from the ground and the lack of ventilation leads to a hot and humid environment that is a fertile ground for corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Access to these utility tunnels is through a few access ports or manholes that can be several hundred feet apart. The pipes hanging on the walls leave little access to the walls and ceiling. Conventional repairs using steel and concrete in such a tight environment are very costly and time-consuming. Carbon or glass fabric offers a great solution to repair and strengthen tunnels. CFRP method addresses these issues with the use of different types of products. The method involves reinforcement by Fiber Reinforced Polymers in the form of thin laminates or fabrics. It uses carbon fiber fabrics/ laminates on the surface of the concrete to form a composite that works in coordination with concrete to strengthen the component structure and improve its mechanical performance.

FRP not only has strong durability, but is also lightweight. It can play a better role in controlling surrounding rock deformation when it is combined with anchors. It is also used as the stress bar of the tunnel structure. In tunnel engineering, no matter which design method is adopted, the main structure of the tunnel will inevitably be in the surrounding rock with very bad environmental conditions, and corrosive problems are also very prominent. In this regard, if FRP material is used as the main structural reinforcement, because of its good corrosion resistance, it can better solve the problem. The right product selection is the key.

RELinforce™ product ranges from Reliance Composite Solutions are used to rehabilitate and strengthen damaged or deficient concrete structures to take the designed loads using carbon wrap technology. Relinforce™ system comprises high-strength carbon fabric fully saturated with an appropriate resin system or pre-cured laminates to provide the required additional strength to any damaged structure. There is a wide range of products combined with outstanding combinations of properties, such as low weight, immunity to corrosion, excellent mechanical strength and stiffness to tackle the issues on hand with ease. Applied in the form of a flexible fabric during installation, it is then saturated with a resin matrix, allowing it to harden to a very strong material with a strength-to-weight ratio.

Features & Benefits:

  • Welding and heavy equipment are not needed
  • Minimal disruption and noise during preparation or installation
  • Low total cost
  • Walls and ceiling can be strengthened above original limits
  • Flexible FRP fabric makes installation inn tight spaces possible
  • Carbon laminates are easy to install and use.
  • Improves the appearance of concrete surface
  • Enhances the durability of the structure.
  • Boost the functional performance of the structure.

What makes Relinforce™ unique?

  • End-to-end offering: includes design, materials, installation
  • In-house resin manufacturing capability
  • Consistent quality of carbon and glass fabric
  • In-house capability to offer tailor-made solutions
  • Availability of design team – Material Engineering Centre for bridging the gap between chemistry & application
  • In-house Application Development Centre to cater customized and specific needs

The carbon fiber polymer is very light and does not create additional stress on the structure. It has excellent corrosion resistance, is easy to transport and install, and reduces labor and working time.

About Relinforce™ Carbon wrap & Glass Fiber-reinforced polymer products

Relinforce™ range of Carbon wrap & Glass Fiber-reinforced polymer products are manufactured and supplied under Reliance India’s Composites Solution Division. Reliance Industries Limited is India’s largest private and one of the most profitable private sector companies and the first Indian Fortune 500 company. Relinforce™ product range is used for structural strengthening & protection of the structural members using guidelines that conform to international standards. These products just don’t repair degraded structures, but it makes the structures stronger even against harmful effects of seismic forces or further corrosion. There is a wide range of products combined with outstanding combinations of properties, such as low weight, immunity to corrosion, excellent mechanical strength and stiffness to tackle the issues on hand with ease.

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