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Turnkey Concrete Floor Repair and Resurfacing Contractor

Industrial flooring plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and productivity of various facilities. It provides a sturdy surface capable of withstanding heavy machinery, chemical spills, and constant foot traffic. Over the period of time, usage of industrial floors has changed drastically and now are subjected to more vehicle traffic. Since the floors constructed earlier were nor designed and engineered for such high usage of Fork Lofts, HoPTs etc. leading to floor surface getting damaged.

These damaged floors, which are dusty & damaged surfaces, not only reduce the speed of movement but also increase the maintenance of material handling equipment. 

There are agencies who offer floor repair solutions but mostly these are cosmetic in nature and provide temporary solutions. 

Avcon Technics Pvt Ltd., offer the comprehensive solution for Floor Conditioning Assessment, Floor Repair, Floor Resurfacing and Floor Rehabilitation. 

Avcon Technics Repair and Rehabilitation Services:

1. Conditioning Assessment of Floors: Specializes in conducting thorough and precise assessments of industrial floors using advanced technology and methodologies. These assessments help clients gain insights into the current state of their flooring, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding necessary repairs or upgrades.

2. Re-surfacing of Old Floors to Meet Level Requirements: Excels in re-surfacing old and worn-out industrial floors to meet specific level requirements. Through their skilled team and cutting-edge equipment, they effectively level the surface, eliminating unevenness and providing a seamless and robust flooring solution. This service enhances the safety and functionality of the facility, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

3. Repairs of Floors & Joints Using Latest Technology: Uses the latest technology and industry-best practices for repairing floors and joints. Their expert team addresses cracks, damaged joints, or other structural issues using innovative techniques to deliver reliable and long-lasting repairs. By utilizing advanced materials and methodologies, they ensure the flooring’s durability and safety, extending its lifespan and minimizing the need for frequent maintenance.

Avcon Technics Repair and Rehabilitation Products

The company provides a wide range of products for concrete floor repair that includes;

  • Repair Mortar AVCRETE LMC
  • Micro-concrete MC40 & MC60
  • Crack Repair Grout


  • High level of control of plastic and long-term drying shrinkage
  • Low alkali content minimizes risk of alkali-silica reaction
  • Low permeability provides excellent protection against carbonation and chloride attack
  • Exceptional flow allows pumping or pouring into restricted locations
  • Self-compacting nature eliminates honeycombing and displaces air without vibration
  • Repair of patches for early opening to traffic
  • Very high early strength with very early setting allowing traffic in 2-3 hours

With its in-house R&D & vast knowledge, it has developed a wide range of repair products. These products have become benchmarks in the flooring industry.

About AvconTechnics 

The company provides industrial floor repair and rehabilitation services, catering to a wide range of industries. With years of expertise and a team of skilled professionals, they offer top-quality services that address the specific needs of their clients. Additionally, they are proud manufacturers of high-performance floor repair products, which have earned a reputation for durability and efficiency. Their integrated approach ensures that clients receive the best solutions for their industrial flooring needs, whether it’s repairing cracks, leveling surfaces, or joint repair.

If you are facing any flooring problems in your industrial facility, visit-  https://avcontechnics.com/repair-products


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