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Ready to use mortar and cementitious slurry for flooring tiling applications

Mortar and cementitious slurry are essential adhesives used in the process of laying floor tiles that binds tiles to the substrate. Mortar, a mixture of cement, sand, and water, provides a durable and level surface for tiles, while cementitious slurry acts as a thin, smooth layer that fills gaps and enhances tile adhesion. These materials ensure proper alignment and provide a strong base for tiling applications. It is important to select the right product as per project requirements. RAZON Engineering is a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals offering a range of mortars and additives. This company has earned a reputation for its exceptional manufacturing of construction chemicals with a focus on high quality. Their products are known for consistently meeting industry standards, delivering reliability and effectiveness to construction projects.

Discussed below are companies two different products Master Mortar MM-TRU & TG-135 used for floor tiling applications.

RAZON Master Mortar-MM TRU: Advanced Bedding Mortar for Floor Tiling

The scarcity of high-quality sand and challenges with homogeneous cement-sand mixes led to the development of RAZON MM-TRU. It is ready-to-use mortar designed for floor bedding, ensuring an extended open leveling time of up to 6 hours, coupled with excellent workability and mortar strength. It stands out for its unique formulation that prevents premature stiffening, allowing for prolonged leveling without the need for re-tempering with water. This simplifies the process, enabling seamless and efficient flat leveling before tile installation.

Advantages of MM-TRU:

  • Minimal water requirement enhances mortar density.
  • Homogeneous dispersion of cement eliminates dry mixing, ensuring consistent quality.
  • No retempering of mortar needed.
  • Extended working time of up to 6 hours, even during summers.
  • Enhances compressive, tensile bond adhesion, and flexural strength compared to conventional mortars.
  • Promotes wet compaction and dry density of SSD mortars.
  • Reduced permeability in cured mortar.
  • Eliminates issues like mortar flocculation, lumps, and weak bonding seen in conventional m-sand mortars.
  • Improved leveling and finish for bedding mortars.
  • Reduced risk of sagging and hollow sound post-tile placement.


MM-TRU conforms to IS 2250-1981 (reaffirmed 2010) for Masonry Mortars and IS 10262-2009 for Concrete Mix Design Guidelines.


Results obtained MM-TRU at a 0.10 water/Powder  ratio

ParticularsTest MethodResult
Plastic Density 2355 kg/m3
Flow Achieved60%
Open Leveling timeUpto 360  minutes
7 Day Compressive StrengthBS 6319 Pt 23.47 N/mm2
28 Day Compressive StrengthBS 6319 Pt 27.14 N/mm2

Applications and method of use

Master Mortar MM-TRU is an excellent choice for floor tiling. It’s a ready-to-use mortar that replaces traditional cement and sand bedding mortars. It’s particularly suitable for floor bedding (machan) instead of cement and sand mortars. It offers great impermeability and is self-curing.

Usage Method:

For optimal results in floor tiling:

  1. Clean and wet the floor that needs tiling.
  2. Create a cement slurry with a 1:1 ratio of cement to water, and apply it to the cleaned floor.
  3. Pour MM-TRU onto the floor in a heap and add water (4 liters per 40 kg of MM-TRU).
  4. Mix the depot/heap with water to create the mortar (avoid dry mortar followed by water spraying).
  5. Level the mortar as usual.
  6. Enhance the cement slurry with Razon TG-135, a powder additive that improves bonding.
  7. Spread the enhanced cement slurry over the MM-TRU bedding mortar.

MM TRU is designed for workability without needing additional water, ensuring a strong and durable cement sand matrix. It shows better bond strength compared to conventional mortars.


MM-TRU has a plastic density of approx 1450 kg  per m3, and thus for 45 mm thickness 65 kgs of  MM-TRU is consumed in 1 sq m area.

Product Data

1.ColourGreyish granular powder.
2.Density1.45 +/-5 %
3.Chlorides &  SulfatesNil.
4.ConsistencyGranular powder, 0-6 mm
5.Water/Powder ratio0.09-0.12
6.Pot life6 hours
7.Storage – Shelf life1 year when Stored in sealed  packing away from direct  sunlight, and moisture in a  cool and dry place.
8.StandardsIS 2250-1981 IS 10262-2009
9.Packing5, 20 & 40 kg bags,
RAZON Master Mortar-MM TRU used for a project

RAZON TG-135: Cementitious Slurry Powder Additive for Superior Bonding & Strength in Tile Installation.

TG-135 is a specialized formulation designed for the tiling industry, commonly used after spreading bedding mortar. A cement slurry is prepared and applied over the mortar before placing tiles. Incorrect slurry consistency can lead to poor adhesion, loose tiles, and hollowness.


  • Improves cement slurry consistency.
  • Enhances bond strength.
  • Increases tackiness.
  • Provides a cohesive, non-bleeding slurry.
  • Ensures slurry fills gaps in bedding mortar.
  • Reduces cement shrinkage.
  • Prevents calcite leaching marks at tile joints.
  • Enables seamless, impermeable, waterproof tile laying.
  • Enhances tack for vertical tiling.
  • Offers self-curing properties, eliminating post-work water curing.


Following results were obtained by preparing  cementitious slurry as a bond coat placed between  bedding mortar (machan) and tile, for floor tiling  application using 50 kg Ordinary Portland Cement  of 53 Grade, 40 litres of water and 5 kg of Razon  TG-135 mixed by mechanical stirrer.

ParticularsTest MethodData
Tensile Pull Out  Adhesion Strength of Floor tile on  28th dayASTM D 4541> 1 N/mm2
Area Covered per  50 kg of cement used  for preparing slurry165 sq ft

Method of use

The product can be used as a bedding  mortar to obtain a firm, non sag and dense  bedding mortar. Refer Technical Data Sheet of  MM-TRU above for best results in floor tiling.

To prepare cement slurry for floor tiling:

  1. Add 30-40 liters of clean water to a vessel.
  2. Gradually add 50 kg of cement while mixing with a mechanical stirrer.
  3. Mix until uniform consistency is achieved.
  4. Add 5 kg of Razon TG-135 and continue mixing.
  5. Apply this slurry on the bedding mortar and lay tiles.

Avoid puncturing or hacking the mortar with a trowel when TG-135 is used.

For wall tiling, add 9-10 kg of TG-135 per 50 kg of cement for a paste-like consistency. Apply this paste on both the wall surface and tile surface using a notched trowel.

Tile grouting with cementitious grouts can be done after 24 hours. For epoxy grouts, allow 5-7 days for complete setting of bedding mortar and binder.

Use Razon Tile Joint Sealer or Razon TJS-EPB epoxy Tile Grout for best results.


TG-135 is suitable for various tiling applications, including ceramic wall and vitrified ceramic/marble floor tiling. Compatible with OPC & PPC cements.

Product Data

ConsistencyGranular Powder
Loose  Bulk Density0.80 – 0.95
Dosage5-6 kg per 50 kg of cement for floor  tiling  9-10 kg per 50 kg of cement for wall tiling
Packing5kg bag, 20 kg bag
Storage &  Shelf Life1 year when stored in sealed  condition away from moisture &  direct sunlight, in a cool & dry place.
Cement  CompatibilityOPC & PPC
MixingPreferably use Mechanical Mixers or stirrers for homogenous mixing of  Cement, water and TG-135.

It is strongly recommended that site trials be conducted using site conditions and available raw  materials to evaluate the product. Since site materials and conditions are beyond our control and since above suggestions and recommendations are based on our site trials and laboratory product evaluation & trials, and since methods of use at site are beyond our control. Hence, no guarantee can either be implied or enforceable. All Razon datasheets are updated on a regular basis. It is the  user’s responsibility to obtain the latest version.

About the company

RAZON Engineering serves as a comprehensive single source for a wide range of construction chemicals that find applications across diverse sectors. Their product portfolio encompasses an extensive array of offerings, including Concrete/Cement Admixtures, Adhesives and Grouts, Mould Release Agents and Oils, Concrete Curing Compounds, Water-proofing Systems, Sealants, Dam Grouting Systems, Epoxy Systems, Masonry and Plaster aids, as well as Concrete Repair Solutions.

The company’s dedicated team consists of experienced and skilled technocrats who possess a wealth of knowledge in the development, manufacturing, and application of specialty chemicals within the construction and Steel industries. As an ISO 9001-2015 certified Construction Chemical company based in India, they seamlessly blend expertise with practical experience and technical proficiency.

Their products are held in the highest regard for their exceptional quality, a testament to the enduring legacy of their manufacturing practices. Their esteemed clientele includes Water Resources Department, Public Work Departments, as well as esteemed private construction companies like L&T, Godrej Properties Ltd, Kalpataru Ltd, JMC India Ltd, Kolte Patil Developers Ltd, B G Shirke Construction P. Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, Megha Infraprojects Ltd, Nambiar Builders, and Sobha Ltd., among others.

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