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Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump; Types, Models and Applications

This type of concrete pump is used for construction and infrastructure projects for delivering and precise concrete placement.

A truck-mounted concrete pump is a mobile construction equipment that combines a concrete pump with a truck chassis. The pump uses a hydraulic system to transfer concrete through a pipeline, allowing for efficient and precise placement at construction sites. The truck’s mobility and extendable boom make it suitable for delivering concrete to diverse locations, including high-rise buildings, infrastructure projects, and locations with limited access.

Components of truck-mounted concrete pumps

  • Boom: The extendable arm attached to the truck, designed to reach various heights and distances for concrete placement.
  • Concrete Pump: The mechanism responsible for drawing, transporting, and delivering the concrete. It usually includes a hopper for holding the ready-mixed concrete.
  • Truck Chassis: The base of the vehicle, providing mobility and stability for the entire unit.
  • Hydraulic System: Powers the movement of the boom, pump, and other essential functions.
  • Outriggers: Extendable legs or supports that provide stability when the pump is in operation.
  • Water Tank: Facilitate the cleaning of the pump system after use.
  • Control Panel: Allows operators to manage the various functions of the concrete pump, including boom movements and concrete output.
  • Pipeline and Hose: Channels through which the concrete travels from the pump to the placement area.

Advantages of truck-mounted concrete pumps

  • Capable of delivering large volumes of concrete per hour, making them efficient for substantial construction projects.
  • Enables rapid and continuous concrete pouring, reducing construction time compared to traditional methods.
  • Adjustable booms allow for flexibility in reaching different areas, including high-rise structures and difficult-to-access locations.
  • Advanced hydraulic systems and electronic controls provide precise handling of the boom, allowing for accurate concrete placement.
  • Streamlined deployment processes reduce downtime, contributing to increased overall project efficiency.
  • Capable of pumping concrete at high pressures, facilitating the delivery of concrete over long distances and to elevated locations.
  • Reduces the need for additional equipment and labour, contributing to overall cost savings in large-scale projects.

Types of truck-mounted concrete pumps

Boom Pumps:

Boom pumps are versatile truck-mounted concrete pumps that are equipped with an extendable robotic arm, or boom, which allows precise placement of concrete at varying heights and distances. The hydraulic system provides flexibility in manoeuvring, making them suitable for large construction projects. Their extensive reach is advantageous for high-rise buildings or structures where traditional methods may not be possible.

Line Pumps:

Line pumps are types of truck-mounted concrete pumps that use flexible hoses to transfer concrete horizontally and vertically. They are ideal for applications where a more straightforward and cost-effective method of concrete placement is required. Line pumps are versatile and can navigate through tight spaces, making them suitable for residential or smaller commercial projects. 

Different truck-mounted concrete pump models

Truck-mounted concrete pump with rock valve system

The latest models are mounted on a two-axle truck, seamlessly transitioning between a line pump and a boom pump, catering to diverse inner-city pumping needs. Its lightweight superstructure and modular design allow easy mounting on a 16-ton truck, offering a compact solution for residential projects with minimal setup time. The inclusion of the Rock Valve system, meticulously engineered for challenging concrete mixes, and the Gate Valve system with independently working valves ensure reliable and trouble-free pumping even in adverse conditions. These features, combined with options for concrete delivery systems and adaptability to confined spaces. With a 20m boom featuring a combined RZ fold, it excels in cramped spaces like tunnels and low-roofed areas. The unfolding height of only 3.85 meters enhances its utility in challenging urban environments. Outfitted with outriggers for stability, the equipment can be placed and operated in the most confined locations, further emphasising its adaptability. Technical enhancements, including a high-capacity oil cooler, an optional 800 Ltr water tank, and a higher capacity splitter gearbox, contribute to increased operating time and reduced wear and tear.

Scwhing S17

Truck-mounted concrete pump with folding boom system 

The latest models feature a 4-arm folding boom system that enhances flexibility, allowing smooth and adaptable operations in diverse scenarios, from production halls to underpasses and multi-storey constructions. The ergonomic design, powered by the control system, ensures intuitive operation and efficient work processes. Despite its lightweight design, the equipment maintains high weight reserves, complying with legal road regulations and facilitating quick and economical transportation to various job sites. The equipment’s robust construction, including a reinforced base structure and compact boom pedestal, contributes to stability and durability, while its maintenance-friendly design reduces service costs through easy accessibility and a consistent screw concept.With a vertical reach of 35.6 m and horizontal reach of 31.4 m , the equipment provides flexibility. Support widths are adjustable, accommodating various working conditions, and optional configurations are available. The models are built for stability and durability, featuring a reinforced base structure, compact boom pedestal, and intelligent boom line installation.

Aquarius 20 Z TR

Truck-mounted concrete pump with Z-fold system

The models are now available with a flexible 4-arm placing boom with a Z-fold system, lower unfolding height and optimum slip characteristics. The equipment’s outrigger ensures stability in tight spaces, and the innovative hose and piping storage system allows variable and safe storage on five levels, providing flexibility to meet diverse project requirements. The strong pump unit, equipped with large hydraulic cylinders, ensures high pumping capacity and efficiency, operating at hydraulic pressures up to 320 bar. The compact design, mountable on a three-axle chassis, enhances manoeuvrability on construction sites and in road traffic. Safety and ergonomics are prioritised with ergonomic control stations, and the robust machine design guarantees reliable operation for years, minimising operating costs. With a focus on user-friendly features, including a quiet and vibration-free boom concept, the model stands out as a versatile and efficient solution for concrete pumping needs. Whether it is the construction of bridges and underpasses or the construction of multi-storey buildings, the models are suitable for versatile works.

Putzmeister M36-4

How to select the right truck-mounted concrete pumps?

  • Capacity: Choose a pump that meets concrete output needs.
  • Boom Length: Ensure the pump’s boom reaches the required height.
  • Boom Configuration: Select suitable boom type for spatial needs (Z-fold, roll-and-fold, etc.).
  • Pump Type: Decide between boom pump for high-rise or line pump for flexibility.
  • Chassis Size: Consider truck chassis size for efficient site navigation.
  • Maintenance: Consider ease of maintenance and availability of service support.
  • Safety Features: Prioritise pumps with emergency stop, remote control, and stability features.

Applications of truck-mounted concrete pumps

  • High-Rise Buildings and Structures
  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Urban Construction Sites
  • Foundation Work
  • Tunnels
  • Residential and Commercial Buildings

The demand for truck-mounted concrete pumps

The demand for truck-mounted concrete pumps has experienced sustained growth driven by the expanding construction industry and increased emphasis on efficiency. These pumps are instrumental in meeting the demands of large-scale urbanisation and infrastructure projects, providing a mobile and versatile solution for concrete placement. The construction sector’s ongoing need for faster and more precise methods of pouring concrete, especially in challenging or elevated locations, has fueled the popularity of truck-mounted pumps, particularly those equipped with advanced booms.


Truck-mounted concrete pumps play a key role in the construction and infrastructure projects offering efficiency and flexibility in concrete placement. Their ability to reach elevated or challenging locations ensures a reliable concrete placement process, ultimately impacting the efficiency and quality of construction projects. As technology continues to advance, the role of truck-mounted concrete pumps becomes increasingly pivotal, promising continued advancements in safety, productivity, and overall project success.

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