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Supplier of electrical airless paint sprayers- M.Y. Trading

An electrical airless paint sprayer is a type of paint sprayer that uses an electric motor to pump paint at high pressure through a spray gun, without the need for compressed air. The high pressure generated by the pump atomizes the paint, creating a fine mist that can be sprayed onto surfaces. Airless paint sprayers are ideal for job sites and projects with a large surface area to cover or difficult-to-spray places. These include walls, ceilings, indoor–external coatings, floors, etc. The sprayer covers large areas quickly and provides a smooth, even finish. They also allow for greater control over the flow and pressure of the paint, which can help to reduce overspray and waste. Airless paint sprayers provide a consistent stream of high-pressure paint forced through the nozzle. Selecting the right airless spray painting machine is pivotal for a project, in this regard, M.Y. Trading Co. supplies a range of electrical airless paint sprayers.

The company is an authorised distributor of Graco electric airless sprayers, original spare parts and accessories. Backed by a strong supply chain, inventory management and experienced team they address all your spray requirements in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

M.Y. Trading supplied electric airless sprayer features;

The company-supplied Graco electric airless sprayers are known for their reliability, durability, and efficiency. Here are some of their features:

  • Can operate at high pressure, which allows for faster application and better coverage of paints
  • Can handle a wide range of materials, from thick paints and stains to thin coatings and sealers
  • Adjustable pressure settings, which allow for greater control over the spraying process.
  • Comes with safety features such as pressure relief valves and thermal overload protection, which helps to prevent accidents and damage to the equipment
  • Equipped with durable endurance chromex piston pump
  • Attached with SmartControl Digital Display
  • ProConnect One-Part Pump Replacement System
  • High-torque brushless design
  • FastFlush High-Flow Cleaning System
  • Easy Out Pump Filter
  • Comes with Swivel Inlet Suction Hose
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

With these machines, we can have control over the amount of paint you want to discharge. M. Y. Trading also provides maintenance services for the supplied spray machines.

The company supplies entry-level electric airless sprayers for small projects to heavy-duty paint sprayers for large commercial applications, The company’s experienced team supports your purchases before and after sales. The company maintains a large stock of Graco genuine spare parts and Graco machines, ready for fast dispatch. The company also provides repair and refurbishment services in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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