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Proper Disposal And Recycling Practices After Using A Rental Dumpster For Your Project

Renting of dumpsters in a major project is one of the popular ways to take care of waste. Whether you are doing a home remodeling or cleaning large spaces, it will help in keeping sites clear and safe, so that you are able to give full concentration to the work at hand—without a pile of debris to worry about. But an environmentally responsible use of a dumpster involves far more than filling it up. Proper waste sorting and disposal will make a huge difference in the sustainability of your project. Let’s look at a few ways in which you can handle the contents of your rental dumpster in an environmentally friendly way.

Disposal Procedures When Using a Dumpster

Once the job is done and your dumpster is full, the dumpster rental company needs to properly dispose of that garbage. You may want to know that they cannot toss everything in your rental dumpster into a landfill. There are hazardous things that have special ways of handling. Hence, if you have some hazardous materials, talk to your rental company—ask for hazardous waste disposal guidance. For non-hazardous materials, the dumpster rental company will make sure to transport it to a proper site where it will be processed under local regulations, which might include sorting the debris into recyclable/reusable components and other forms of disposal like in landfills.

Recycling After a Dumpster Rental

One of the major aspects in the responsible management of waste is recycling. To make recycling effective, there are those who try to sort recyclable materials that you have thrown away as refuse into the dumpster. Most of what is commonly recycled includes metals, glass, clean cardboard, and some types of plastics. To make the process easier and more efficient, you can keep these materials separate. This will go a long way to reducing the quantity of recyclable wastes that find their way to landfills. Mixing liquids with clean cardboard, for example, eliminates its recyclability. So, if you put these together in your dumpster, you are, in a way, providing less support for recycling activities. Sensitize yourself and your team on the importance of recycling. The more people on your team get to learn what benefits may be derived from recycling, the more they might be motivated to sort items. Simple steps like labeling different bins for various types of waste can significantly improve recycling percentages of your waste. In addition, you may want to donate goods that could still be useful. Some old furniture, appliances, and building materials may be reusable. Most charitable organizations would be happy to receive such items, and sometimes their agents come to collect them from your place. Not only does it reduce waste, it also helps those in need.


Proper usage of a rental dumpster does not stop with the act of loading it and hauling it away. Proper waste management practices, such as proper sorting for recycling, help the environment. Waste management is good when it results in minimalistic impacts on the landfills and a maximum re-use of the wastes. You will be amazed at just how simple it is to dispose of your project’s waste in an environmentally friendly way with just a little forethought and planning


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