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Stratus Steel Prefabricated Structures For Commercial Buildings

Prefabricated structures are based on off-site and modular construction. Thanks to its multiple advantages, these LGSF structures have been a buzz worthy trend for the last few years.

If you are struggling to decide if you should jump on to the trend or not, follow along and we will share with you ample reasons to invest in this prefabrication technology. But, before that, for those who don’t really know what a prefabrication process is, here is a simple way to understand it:

ECHO tape defines prefabrication as the process of making a building or its components in a different location, one which is specially designed for construction.

Once the manufacturing process is done, the building is transported to the final site, where the setup assembly is done and the building is handed over to the actual owner.

These Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) has already come a long way in the residential building sphere especially when it comes to the European countries. And, LGSF is also the wise choice for the companies looking to grow and compete in the market as the on-site construction makes the construction process quick, cheap and easy. So here are some benefits of prefabricated construction in commercial buildings:

Improvise Safety and Security: Since these buildings are manufactured under controlled environments in factories, it reduces risks for damage and injuries for the labour.

Also, the buildings directly arrive in large parts, there is no possibility for on-site material theft or any wastage.

Cost Efficiency: The off-site constructions are a much more cost-effective solution for businesses keeping in mind the reduced time of on-site work, and labor requirements.

Choosing the steel house construction is a great way for cost-cutting for any business while ensuring the best quality as all the structures are built under a controlled environment with regular quality checks to ensure the best quality for your office building.

Diminish the Labour Shortage Problem: Finding labour is an ever-growing problem faced by most contractors, which might lead to expensive labour in some cases. LGSF can solve the issue, since all the components are manufactured in the factory; it reduces the need for on-site labour.

This also improves the productivity of the labour leading to speeding up the construction process and more efficient construction.

Save Time: A prefabricated building can go up as much as 50% faster than traditional on-site construction, taking a project from conception to completion quickly and easily.

Since the components are built in a factory environment, it eliminates the chances of any weather related delays. When you’re racing against a stormy season, time is of the substance and light gauge steel frame construction can assist you with keeping up more tight timetables.

In case you are planning to opt for a prefabricated building for your business, we would recommend you to connect with Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. because as the leading provider of modular construction, we can provide you with exclusive support in your off-site constructions at the most affordable prices.

You can reach out to us at or +91-9540996717


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