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RELinforce™ Fab S for impregnation and bonding of glass and carbon fabrics

An epoxy resin system is a combination of epoxy resin and a hardener that, when mixed, undergoes a chemical reaction to form a strong, durable, and adhesive material. Epoxy resins are thermosetting polymers that cure into a rigid and cross-linked structure. In construction, epoxy resin systems are used for impregnation and bonding applications to enhance the strength, durability, and performance of various construction materials.

Epoxy resin system for impregnation and bonding

  • Epoxy resin systems are used to impregnate porous materials like concrete, stone, or wood. The resin penetrates the porosity of the material, strengthening it and providing increased resistance to moisture, chemicals, and weathering.
  • Epoxy resin systems are widely used for structural bonding in construction. They provide high-strength adhesion and are used to bond various materials together, such as concrete, metals, composites, and plastics. Epoxy adhesives are often used to join structural components, such as beams, columns, or panels.

The selection of the right epoxy resin system is important for project execution, RELinforce™ Fab S, manufactured by Reliance Composite  is one such product. It is a two-component liquid epoxy system for saturating glass or carbon fabric. When the product is combined with glass and carbon fabrics, the resulting composite material becomes exceptionally strong and rigid, making it ideal for applications where structural integrity is crucial such as jetties, ports, bridges etc.

RELinforce™ Fab S provides an excellent balance of viscosity & pot life resulting in excellent flow properties and fiber wetting while enhancing the toughness of the cured system.The product has strong adhesive properties and can bond effectively with different substrates. This ensures a robust interface between the resin and the fabric, resulting in improved load transfer and enhanced structural integrity.

Advantages of RELinforce™ Fab S

  • Composition with improved mechanical characteristics
  • Designed specifically for the RELINFORCE Fabric Range
  • High Adhesion to different surfaces: concrete, masonry, metal, wood, stone
  • Low Viscosity and convenient for impregnating tapes and fabrics with high areal weight manually
  • Does not require a primer
  • Solvent-free
  • Moisture In-sensitive version available

Applications of RELinforce™ Fab S

  • Structural Adhesive with high wettability, suitable for bonding tapes and fabrics of carbon and glass
  • Vertical or overhead concrete structures
  • Tapes and fabrics with even high aerial weight.

RELinforce™ Fab S offers a combination of strength, lightweight, chemical resistance, and versatility, making them a popular choice for impregnation of glass and carbon fabric and creating high-performance composite materials.

About Relinforce Composite solution

RELinforce™ Fab S is manufactured and supplied under Reliance India’s Composites Solution Division. Reliance Industries Limited is India’s largest private and one of the most profitable private sector companies and the first Indian Fortune 500 company. The company composite division’s product range includes Epoxy Putty, Carbon fiber laminates, Carbon fiber anchor, Carbon Fabric for FRP Structural Strengthening, Carbon fiber Grid, Epoxy Injection Grout etc. used for structural strengthening, repair and rehabilitation.

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