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Regional Balancing Of Water – Solution for Global Water Crisis

Dr.(H.C) S.B.Raghunath
Dr(HC)S.B.Raghunath, Founder – Director, Protect Infrastructure Systems Pvt Lt

The current water discourse is characterised by the changing water paradigm which places more emphasis on the sustainable use of the planet’s water resources than ever conceived of in earlier or even ancient times. Traditionally global and regional water resources were thought of as an everlasting supply to furnish the needs of human societies and thereby assisting in socio-economic development. Yet, the altering water paradigm also brought about a see change regarding our perspectives of freshwater resources. Two notable perspectives are in the contemporary era put forward as alternative perspectives.

Idealism lies in the fact that there are different perspectives regarding the global water balance and regional water resources. These perspectives can offer practical solutions to our water problems and can become one of the major practices of future generations to develop and use the water in the hydrologic cycle in a more sustainable manner.

These statistics can be brought in volumes and still do not end. The causes for the same are Non engineers engineer the subject, concept and issue.

These are some of the crazy ideas on which we are all working without understanding the consequences. For example, if we stop water entering the sea, what can be the effect of it on water salinity? I don’t think there is any thought process that has happened in this direction that entire sea life will get destroyed due to increased salinity. Whatever is happening in this ecosystem naturally should only be complimented by your modern science and not destroyed or diverted. Another idea floating around is to extract water from the atmosphere. What will happen when a stage reaches that air becomes dry and arid which leads to breathing, skin and other related problems. We can comfortably breath and skin is not damaged or cut due to aridness because of the moisture content in water which if we remove one can imagine the situation.

These are generally known reasons and have been discussed in volumes. The actual requirement to be addressed to get this problem eliminated is REGIONAL BALANCING OF WATER which has to be done by authorities. Depending on the rainfall this can be derived, designed and put to use effectively and reach a situation where we will have a surplus of water in the nearest future. To make this happen unfortunately both scientific and political will has to gel and work hand in hand.


Rain water harvesting is a tax on individual citizens for no fault of theirs. Why I say this though it sounds controversial because the rain that falls over the roof is just meniscal in percentage when compared to the rain that falls outside this ambit. Specifically, on the road.  We have a drainage system which carries water from all over the place to a main reservoir which can be a tank or a river.

The worst part is it will carry all the refuse including sewerage in stray cases and end up in a place after traveling several kilometres without doing anything.  

Instead if we design a system where entire water including that from roof is collected in the drain and drain is designed such that it will have soak pits at an interval of 100 feet to a depth of 4 feet to a dia of 3 feet the water will get into the soil regionally and excess water should be taken inside a park or civic amenity site where water body is created below ground with provision for charging earth enables the water to get into surface and raise the water table in every locality once the water is regionally balanced the well and tube wells will get rejuvenated which makes dependency on river reduced to almost zero also excess of water will start flowing reverse due to increased pressure to reach back rivers and charge it. This is with natural water the other additional resource is to treat every drop of secondary water used and charge the soil thru same soak pits meaning all the 365 days we will be recharging the soil with water enabling the raise in ground water table in every part of the ecosystem to get back the glory of yester years where we used to get water at a dig of soil.

The recycled water once left into soil will get further treated and purified in due course by nature (The only fear is people with ulterior motives should not leave untreated water into the drain as treatment of water should happen at an individual level to ensure quality treatment of water.

The collection of water in C A site will enable education as we can have seen through aquatic museum live form. For the Government to generate revenue and also to have viable transportation mode for water the drainage should be designed in form of 4 ft wide and 5 feet deep drains which are inter connected on either side this is essential as, if, water inflow is in excess the interconnecting passage will take the load and avoid flooding. Also the interconnection between shoulders of drain will accommodate the crew to clean or repair systems by isolating them there by eliminating the process of excavation.  The depth of 5 feet can be utilised to run a sewer pipe in the centre of the drain and drinking water at the tip of the drain. A trey holding all cables can be fixed at tip below drinking water pipe so that rent can be collected from Water supply & sewerage board, Electricity boards and cable operators.

The interconnecting drain can carry camshafts which produce electricity during every movement of vehicles to light street lights and also act as speed breakers. This can be at an interval of 150 feet. 


We have to regionally balance water to increase water table in earth. By effectively using rain water, also by adding secondary water from every flat or house. Create water bodies in C A sites to recharge earth in large scale and also have aquatic museum. This will also help us to generate power using microturbines by creating venturi effect at regular intervals.

Primarily it will eliminate digging of roads often as we will have trench gates using which one can get inside the drain and walk to reach the damaged area and rectify. This will also recharge soil so much that depending on river water is eliminated over a period of time and also it feeds the river enroute water bodies like wells, tanks, creeks, falls etc.


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