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The Importance of decorative elements in buildings

Are you moving into a new building or redecorating it? Don’t be overwhelmed! If you can pin down the design style you want for your building’s interior, you’re almost there! Even if you are not, don’t worry, we will guide you. Whether it is transitional, modern, or contemporary architectural design the right decorative element can change the complete look of your house. Three such primary elements are sculptures, murals, and paintings.

Decorating wall  with a mural

Remodelling the building and adding new decorative touches is always a good idea. There are several reasons for renovating the rooms. Whether you are bored or the design becomes outdated, or you want to improve the value of a house, you should invest in making improvements. Murals are a fantastic decorative element that brings harmony into interior decorating and creating colourful and unique room decor. It can be used to fill large, otherwise blank or unused walls, to frame and highlight areas such as doorways and to create focal points within a room interior. A dull room can be instantly transformed by taking an accent wall and turning it into a mural with complete mural design views. They can also add personality to hallways and stairwells as well. One of the biggest benefits of incorporating wall art into the aesthetics of your home is the freedom to integrate multiple colours into the design.

Setting the interior with sculptures

The sculpture is no longer limited to museums, it has become an integral part of building decorations. This form of three-dimensional art comes in the form of stunning structures dominating the horizon lines of your house. From the dining hall to corners it can light up any part of your house. It adds sophistication and maturity to any space, either in small or large doses. These elements brighten, lighten, open up space and set up the mood. Different colours, structures, and fabrics of these elements can easily improve your mood and evoke positive feelings. They are important for the aesthetics functionality of a house environment. It also positively impacts the psychology of residents. A dull corner can be made outstanding with the right selection of sculptures.

Reflection of one’s taste with sculpture and murals

Everyone can appreciate art differently and it is subjective, different art forms appeal to different people. The use of sculptures and murals reveals a lot about the person residing inside. For sculptures, if you are an ardent Carnatic music lover your taste will reflect through your selection of musical instrument sculpture, if you are a dance lover you can keep a sculpture of Nataraja with a brass bowl of flowers with additional light for mood-setting etc. For murals, if you like minimalist art then you could black floral wall murals for your interior or if you are an artist you can use a painted scenery wall mural.

A combination of light and furniture with mural and sculpture adds oomph to your building.

The addition of sculptures adds depth to your interiors with accent colours and reflects your decorative style. Sculptural elements can be used in dining such as a gently sloping curve of the chairs, in the sharp lines of the main table, or the edge of a doorway. Rounded shapes and curves contrast make the place lively.

Murals can be customised as per the lighting colour of the room and it would look mesmerising. Sponging is a good way to create the sense of texture in a mural, such as clouds in the sky or leaves on a tree. You can also sponge a colour on top of another colour to create more of a sense of depth and interest, rather than leaving an area as a flat, single block of colour.

Breaking the monotony with walls and paintings

An empty wall can speak to us with the right use of murals and painting.You can transform a wall in your home with art and photo wall murals. Get the perfect mural wallpaper in any size you need and create a statement in your home with your mural design. The interesting thing about a wall mural is that it can easily suffice for the entire look of the room even if one of the walls has it encrusted.

With the growth of technology and regular photo capture, the special moments often get lost, that is where painting comes in. It evokes emotion in the world of modernization. Painting in your building can transform the entire environment. You can customise your paintings as per your wall size, colour, theme and sketch. Choose the dominant colour, as well as a few additional shades that you’d like to use. You can add paintings of individual personnel such as leaders or spiritual gurus, gods and goddesses, family members or loved ones. It helps to recall your good memories, add calmness to your mind with devotion paintings, adds motivation, recall of achievements etc.


Good building design should consider the use of decorative elements on how its interior environment not only functions well for its users and visitors, but also how it inspires and appeals emotionally. 


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