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Porter undertakes first-ever ESOP liquidation worth $5 Million

Aimed to provide wealth creation opportunities for current and ex-employees

Porter, India’s leading tech-based, on-demand, intra-city logistics company has announced its maiden Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) monetization program worth $5 Million for its eligible current and former employees. The liquidation opportunity is expected to benefit both the current and former employees providing wealth creation opportunities.

All the employees who have vested options as of 31st December 2021 will be eligible to participate in this program and sell a portion of their vested shares immediately. Eligible employees may liquidate their vested units up to a total of USD 5 Million. The company is planning to undertake equitable distribution of benefits and hence the number of options shall be prorated so that every eligible employee is benefitted from the scheme.

Speaking on the liquidation program, Pranav Goel, CEO, Porter said, “Porter’s success and the journey would not have been possible without the relentless support and dedication of our teams. With this program, we wish to take this opportunity to thank and reward the teams for their trust and contribution. We at Porter, believe that our efforts have a disruptive impact in the logistics industry and recognise, cater & solve the gaps in the demand and supply chain. Moreover, Porter is not just a business opportunity, but a medium to positively impact everyone who joins us in this journey. The program will provide our ex and current employees with an opportunity for wealth creation.”

Rizwan Khan, VP – Human Resources, Porter.

“At Porter, we wish to build the ultimate human organisation, with a sense of loyalty & high integrity. We firmly believe that all our associates are champions of growth. We take the utmost pride in creating an ecosystem where we all play a key role in creating success for the brand and the society at large. The idea of providing a haven for all our employees continues to be our core value. Porter has always believed in safeguarding the interest of its employees and this step is in line with democratizing wealth creation for them. By enabling an ESOP liquidation program, current and ex-employees can decide on their investments and cash flows with greater freedom” said Rizwan Khan, VP – Human Resources, Porter.

With Porter’s strategic vision, the company is aggressively entering new geographies to ensure they meet the growing demand while seamlessly developing a tech-enabled logistics ecosystem.

About Porter:

Founded in 2014, Porter is now India’s largest Intra-City logistics Marketplace. Intra city logistics is an INR 3 lakh crore market. Porter strives to improve the lives of over 3 lakh owner-drivers by providing them with consistent earning & independence. Currently, the company has serviced over 70 lakh customers across 15 cities in India. Founded by Pranav Goel, Uttam Digga & Vikas Choudhary, Porter has created disruption in various domains of logistics by launching an on-demand marketplace for LCVs and bikes, Porter for Enterprise, and Packers & Movers.

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