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Indian Railways exports 10 modern BG diesel locomotives

Piyush Goyal-led Indian Railways has handed more than 10 broad-gauge (BG) diesel locomotives to Bangladesh today. Indian Railways has overseen the handing over process of the diesel locomotives to Bangladesh Railways. Each of these WDM3D type BG locomotives has a 3300 HP engine. These locomotives have been designed for a speed of 120 kilometre per hour. These locomotives have a residual life of 28 years or more. Ten BG locomotives have the capacity for hauling both passenger and freight trains, Indian Railways said in a statement.

These BG locomotives are equipped with a microprocessor-based control system. The technologically advanced locomotives provide more comfort for pilots or drivers. These locomotives also boost the safety of passengers by ensuring safer running. The ergonomic layout of the driver’s cab provides stress-free driving. This also improved visibility for safer running, Indian Railways said in the statement.

The locomotives manufactured by Indian Railways have “maintenance-friendly” features ensuring more prompt and easier maintenance. Indian Railways has also modified the locomotives to suit the maximum height restrictions suggested by Bangladesh Railways. These locomotives would provide improved train operations within Bangladesh Railways. Indian Railways has stated that it is keen to partner with Bangladesh Railways for the supply and maintenance of all types of rolling stock. The national transporter of India has underlined this kind of deal will only strengthen the partnership between railways of both the neighbouring countries further.

The association of Indian Railways and Bangladesh began way back in 1996. Indian Railways exported 10 MG locomotives from DLW. Around 40 more BG locomotives were exported over the years from 2001 to 2014. In 2016-17, Indian Railways had exported 120 passenger coaches.

Indian Railways has a knack of manufacturing world-class locomotives in the record time period. Earlier in March, Financial Express Online reported that Indian Railways created a world record. Chittaranjan Locomotives Works (CLW) – located in Asansol, West Bengal managed to enter the Limca Book of Records by registering the highest production record. The Chittaranjan Locomotives Works produced as many as 402 electrical locomotives during the Financial Year 2018-19. This was the highest production record in the world. Notably, the locomotive manufacturing factory managed to beat its own record of rolling out 350 locomotives during the Financial year of 2017-18. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal lauded the outstanding effort, hard work, and dedication of Indian Railways.


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