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How To Set Up Portable Restrooms In Your Construction Site

Portable restrooms are essential for construction sites. These ideal solutions provide convenience and versatility while keeping employees healthy and productive. Hence, it’s also a legal requirement.

Restroom Standards And Regulations

According to OSHA regulations, employers must have at least a minimum number of toilet facilities, separately for each gender, and with ready access to the facilities when needed. This will ensure that employees don’t suffer from any health issues that may occur when restrooms aren’t available. For instance, a construction worker usually works an eight-to-nine-hour shift. During those hours, he must seek restroom privacy or answer nature’s call.

Therefore, how does an employer ensure access to restrooms? These employers must:

  • Let employees leave their workplace to use the toilet if necessary.
  • Provide enough restrooms for the size of your workforce to avoid long lines.
  • Avoid unreasonable restrictions on restroom use.
  • Ensure no delays are caused by restrictions such as locking doors or requiring employees to sign out a key form.

Having portable restrooms will help employees to stay focused and productive at work and deal with these unforeseen issues and disruptions.

How To Set Up Portable Restrooms In Your Construction Site

Setting Up Portable Restrooms

Portable restrooms have multiple rental options, including portable restroom rental, single-stall to trailer-sized restrooms, temporary fencing, and standard or enhanced portable potty stations for employees and guests. However, you must ensure this unit is accessible and secure for your workers. 

Keep reading to learn how to set up portable restrooms on your construction site.

  • Convenient Location

Location is everything—from choosing areas that are convenient for your employees and guests to easy access for the company to bring in trucks for pickup, delivery, and drop-off. 

For instance, a delivery truck is unable to access your preferred location. Hence, consider choosing another ease of access. To make delivery and set up go as smoothly as possible, ensure that each unit is positioned in an area where trucks can maneuver easily. 

Proper placement for your portable restrooms will provide an excellent experience for them. Consider placing portable restrooms on a flat, hard surface and sturdy ground to ensure accessibility. Also, there should be no rough terrain or slopes. A concrete or paved surface is an ideal option. Therefore, choose your location carefully to maintain your portable restrooms efficiently.

  • Safety And Sanitation

A clean sanitation and healthy workplace promote a productive work environment and will ensure the health and well-being of workers. With portable restrooms, your employees are exposed to clean and hygienic facilities. That way, injuries and illnesses don’t jeopardize your safety.  

Employers should evaluate each worksite and facility to provide a safe and healthy working environment. 

  • Restrooms should be well-lit, ventilated, and in a safe location.
  • Employers must also provide soap and water and anti-bacterial hand cleanser, towels, air blower, and trash bins for disposal of towels and feminine hygiene products. 

A portable restroom facility within a few feet away helps ensure safety by not having to travel long distances to defecate around the site. This will also protect them from unwanted accidents. Hence, following OSHA regulations will ensure your portable restroom situation is safe. 

  • Economical And Environment Sustainability

Portable restrooms are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They’re specifically designed to reduce water usage and prevent leaks and excessive water consumption while maintaining their essential function of providing a clean and comfortable facility. They also help alleviate a cleaner environment and reduce noise pollution. So, a portable restroom is a great option if you plan to get rid of human waste in remote areas where sanitation facilities aren’t available. Also, consider a specialized vehicle that easily maintains portable restrooms and restroom trailers.

Additionally, portable restrooms have a ventilation system that eliminates odors without releasing additional pollutants into the air. Hence, they save enough space and require less maintenance. 

  • Weather-Resistance

There are many types of portable restrooms available, and some rental companies can offer and own several units that can withstand certain weather conditions, like rain, hail, and sleet. Installing a tent can prevent the toilet stalls from being soaked up. Some weather-resistant portable restrooms have gutters that allow water to drain right out the door. Aside from that, portable restrooms are lightweight, and with intense wind, certain companies can offer methods to help secure them to the ground. 

Good ventilation is also essential; storing it away from direct sunlight is recommended. However, some other companies manufacture portable restrooms from materials that absorb heat and take no damage.


Setting up portable restrooms on your construction site can help increase productivity and keep employees and guests safe. So, when placing your units, consider those mentioned above and make the best choice possible.


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