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5 Must-Have Luxury Apartment Amenities for Modern High-End Buildings

Modern renters have modern demands: pools, leisure spaces, hi-tech offices, smart home systems… The must-have amenities of current time are getting increasingly diverse, but they all have one thing in common: making tenants’ lives easier and more streamlined.

Here are five practical luxuries that every modern high-end apartment complex must feature.

Quality high speed elevators

It might seem ridiculously obvious, but a sturdy, fast, and comfortable elevator is essential to the modern tenant experience. One of the reasons that luxury residential property sales have skyrocketed in recent years is that the included amenities are practical as well as prestigious.

Especially in densely populated cities, where high-end apartments tend to be in high-rise buildings, or otherwise on the top floors, an elevator is more than a tool: it is a facilitator of tenants’ quality of life.

It makes everyone’s daily routines easier and reduces health risks to the hearts and cartilages of any elderly in the apartment complex.

An elevator can be made into a luxury experience with a few simple additions. Consider a carpet that’s comfortable to stand on, a good, clean mirror, and lighting that’s easy on the eyes. For an extra touch, include a small, comfortable bench or similar seat.

In a larger apartment complex, there should be multiple elevators with a solid power backup. After all, the luxurious experience will be ruined if the lovely elevator becomes inaccessible.

Smart keypads and locks

Ease and convenience are the hallmarks of luxury living. The most obvious show of this in an apartment situation is smooth entry and exit.

Remove the unnecessary frustration of lost and forgotten keys, getting locked out of the building or unit, and having to fumble with clunky metal when one’s hands are full.

Equip all unit doors with secure smart locks. Residents can unlock and relock their homes with their smartphones, at the simple touch of a finger.

If your smart lock system has a digital key feature, they can also let in their visitors remotely. Choose a system with temporary, single-use digital keys to maintain high security standards.

Smart access control

Modern-day apartments for rent must also have modernized access control. No matter what the primary demographic of residents is, everyone wants a fast, secure way of letting themselves and their guests in, and keeping undesirables out.

Smart access systems improve both security and convenience, and are a fairly straightforward investment. The building’s access system should be well integrated with any other proptech in the apartment complex, like smart locks, alarm setups, and property management software.

Luxury property entrances would benefit from smart video intercoms. The residents can unlock doors and gates with a dedicated smartphone app, and facial recognition adds an extra layer of security. They can let visitors in remotely and monitor anyone who requests property access. As a bonus, there’s no need for fobs and keys anymore.

Similarly, keypads are a great solution for controlling access to shared spaces, like amenities and common lounges. Residents can access these with a secure pincode or again with their smartphones.

Fitness and wellness facilities

Forget about cramming a treadmill and mat in a spare bedroom or a corner of the living room. The modern person cares about their health and wants dedicated exercise space, especially with the impact of the Coronavirus and its variants.

Luxury apartments definitely ought to cater to this by having a gym facility in-complex. Moreover, the facility should have dedicated time slots for the busy professionals and good privacy options for those who prefer individual exercise sessions.

Property managers should also invest in professional in-house fitness instructors for the full experience. To truly be luxurious, though, the facility should offer various forms of fitness activities in addition to traditional gym, as well as post-exercise auxiliaries. Think yoga studios, dance programs, steam rooms, etc.

Coworking spaces

One of the most persistent changes that the pandemic brought  with it is the rise of remote and hybrid work models. Modern luxury apartments must cater to the new flexible worker demographic, and that means home offices and coworking spaces.

While home offices are already common and an individual matter, coworking spaces can be made into an admirable amenity. The modern professional would prefer not to waste time on laggy videoconferences. Empower your residents to take care of their business face-to-face, in real-time, efficiently, and in comfort.

A coworking amenity should feature the following:

  • Individual desks
  • Larger “collaboration tables”
  • Comfortable seating (ergonomic chairs, armchairs, sofas, lazy bags etc.)
  • Free, stable, fast WiFi
  • Printers, scanners, stationery
  • Small luxuries (snack corners, self-serve kitchens, coffee stations, etc.)

Building management can even earn extra revenue by implementing a nominal fee system. Let residents and/or visitors pay a small consideration to reserve a specific table or time slot. This helps prevent overcrowding, optimizes everyone’s productivity, and increases the atmosphere of exclusivity.

In conclusion, whatever amenities you decide to include in your apartment complex, they must be tech-compatible and convenient. Easy transport, easy secure access, easier work setups, and easier wellness are the trends with the current renter demographics.

Give them the most value for their money by keeping up with digital and social developments, while remembering the little details that give that final luxurious touch.


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