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FOSguard Nitoproof Damp Protect Coating For Wall Protection

Damp problems in a house can be due to several causes, such as rain getting through the walls or roof, moisture being absorbed from the ground, condensation settling on cold surfaces or a mixture of these. Damp problems tend to be at their worst during the winter however if left unresolved damp can be an issue all year round. You can spot the signs of dampness on walls and ceilings, your walls may feel cold and look wet whilst ceilings will look stained and discoloured. This can turn into a problem that spreads around the building if left untreated and causes several health issues as well. FOSguard Nitoproof Damp Protect is the perfect solution for it. 

FOSguard Nitoproof Damp Protect Coating

It is a high-performance acrylic polymer modified with a cementitious damp-proof coating. It consists of powder and liquid acrylic emulsion, which upon mixing produces an easily brushable coating. It requires only mixing at the site to produce an easily brushable coating. Nitoproof Damp Protect can simply be applied by a stiff brush or roller to obtain the desired thickness. 

FOSguard Nitoproof Damp Protect


  • Protection against efflorescence
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Excellent crack bridging.
  • Easy application by brush / roller / trowel / spray
  • Bonds to a green or damp surface
  • Suitable for treatment of damp patches from negative side

Application areas;

  • Masonry surface, concrete, plaster surface and brick walls subjected to damage from moisture/efflorescence. 
  • Toilets and wet areas. 
  • Balconies, chajjas and utilities

Fosroc – ‘FOSguard’ a New Umbrella Brand for the Building Sector

Nitoproof Damp Protect is a product underFOSguard brand of Fosroc India. They have unveiled this new umbrella brand for the building segment. It unites all of Fosroc’s vast experience in providing constructive solutions and services for every stage of a building’s life-cycle built on a broad portfolio of products. The new brand demonstrates Fosroc’s testament to continuing to drive innovation and deliver high-performance products to the buildings sector, whilst cementing their brand.

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