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fischer FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor for multiple applications

A bolt anchor is a type of fastening anchor used in construction and structural engineering to connect objects to concrete and masonry surfaces. It typically consists of a metal bolt anchor or stud that is embedded into a pre-drilled hole in the concrete or masonry. The bolt is secured by tightening a nut or applying torque to a threaded end. Bolt anchors are crucial for providing stability and load-bearing capacity to structures, ensuring reliable connections and maintaining structural integrity. One specific type of bolt anchor is the fischer FAZ II Plus, designed for use in concrete and masonry applications.

The fischer FAZ II Plus bolt anchor is known for its high tensile strength and wide range of applications. It features an expansion mechanism where a conical expansion sleeve expands against the walls of the drilled hole, creating a secure and load-bearing connection. What sets this product apart is its simplified and faster installation process, eliminating the need for cleaning the drill hole. Users can install the FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor in holes created using hollow, hammer, or diamond drills. Depending on the situation, the anchor can be installed using pre-positioned, push-through, or stand-off methods. By tightening the nut, the cone bolt is pulled into the expansion clip, securely expanding against the walls of the drill hole. This immediate and secure connection allows the anchor to bear loads effectively.

Features of the fischer FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor;

  • Quick and easy assembly without the need for drill hole cleaning.
  • Precise adjustment to loads due to variable anchoring depths.
  • Unique anchor design ensures secure positioning of the expansion clip, even with reinforcement hits.
  • Various washer options available, such as pre-assembled normal washer, large washer GS, or compliant washer HBS for wood construction.
  • Increased tensile strength reduces the number of required fixing points and anchors.
  • Enhanced load-bearing capacity due to the interaction between the cone and expansion clip, allowing for minimum edge distance and axial spacing.
  • Special cap nut versions (M10 and M12) available and covered in the ETA assessment.
  • Can absorb high seismic loads of performance categories C1 and C2 for diameters M10-M24, with or without the use of the filling disc FFD during installation.
  • The protruding hammer-in cone protects the thread from damage during setting.
  • Approved for use in various substrate materials, such as concrete, steel fibre concrete, and solid sand-lime brick.

New variable anchorage depths of fischer FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor;

fischer FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor offers variable anchorage depths, allowing for precise adjustments to loads with millimetre accuracy (M6 – M16).

  • FAZ II Plus can handle the highest load at the maximum anchorage depth of 60mm (FAZ II 10 A4), which corresponds to a maximum allowed tension load of 6.2 kN and a shear load of 15.1 kN.
  • For anchorage depths between 40mm and 60mm, the permissible loads can be calculated accordingly. There is also a fast installation option with reduced anchorage depths of 40mm, corresponding to an allowed tension load of 4.3 kN and a shear load of 11.3 kN.

Suitable building materials:

  • Cracked concrete
  • Uncracked concrete
  • Steel fiber concrete
  • Solid sand-lime brick

Applications of fischer FAZ II Plus Bolt Anchor;

  • Elevator
  • Lifting platform
  • Conveyor belt
  • Cable trays
  • Railing fixing
  • Facade substructures
  • Rainscreen facades
  • Sleeper anchorages
  • Canopy on wall

fischer is known for producing high-quality products, and the FAZ II Plus is typically backed by relevant approvals and certifications, ensuring it meets industry standards and regulations for safety and performance. Compared to the previous generation, the product has increased tensile load-bearing capacity and utilizes a higher-strength material.

About fischer India

fischer India is a subsidiary of fischer Group of Companies, a global manufacturer of construction fastening systems and solutions. The company offers a wide range of products for various applications in construction, including Chemical Fixings, Steel Fixings, Nylon Fixings, Foams & Sealants, Installation Systems, FireStop, Cast-in Channels, Gas actuated Nail Guns, Façade Systems and Drill Bits. Their product portfolio includes solutions for concrete, masonry, steel, wood, and drywall applications. fischer products are designed to meet stringent quality standards and are known for their durability, reliability, and performance.

The company has established itself on a strong foundation, which includes a wide network of over 300+ channel partners, ensuring extensive distribution reach across the country. They have a dedicated team of more than 100+ sales and technical representatives strategically located throughout India.

To support efficient operations and timely delivery, the company operates four warehouses located in the North, East, West, and South regions of the country. These strategically positioned warehouses enable them to fulfil orders promptly and ensure on-time delivery to customers across India.

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