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Avcon Technics; Reflooring, Screed and Floor Finish products

A range of Avcon Technics Reflooring, Screed and Floor Finish products for industrial Flooring

Choosing quality products is of paramount importance when addressing the diverse challenges faced by industrial facilities. Inferior or substandard products can lead to costly consequences and compromise the efficiency, safety, and productivity of the facility. By opting for high-quality solutions, industrial facilities can effectively tackle these challenges.  Industrial flooring products should also meet specific functional requirements to optimize functionality and enhance operational efficiency. For example, industries such as electronics manufacturing or data centres require flooring solutions that provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) control to protect sensitive equipment. Some industries may also require anti-slip surfaces, noise reduction properties, or resistance to static loads. By selecting flooring products that are tailored to the unique needs of each industry, functionality can be optimised, resulting in improved operational efficiency. Avcon Technics specialises in providing flooring products that offer compliant and functional solutions for industrial applications, ensuring a balance between the requirements of compliance and functionality in industrial flooring.

Avcon is India’s first flooring company with ISO 9001-2015 certification in Concrete Floor Design, Manufacturing of Products and Projects Executions. The continual association with some of the biggest brands is a testimony to the company’s excellent performance.

Avcon reflooring, screed and floor finish products

Avcon offers a range of products for reflooring, screed, and floor finish, developed through forward-thinking, in-house research and development, and years of dedicated effort. These products contribute to both aesthetic and functional improvements in commercial and industrial flooring facilities

Avcon reflooring products allow for aesthetic and functional improvements, screed products provide a stable and level base for the floor finish, and the floor finish products offer protection, aesthetics, and functional benefits. Together, these elements contribute to the overall performance, durability, and visual appeal of a flooring system in commercial, and industrial settings.

Avcon reflooring, screed and floor finish product range

  1. Avcrete – LMC High Impact & Abrasion Resistant Screed Mortar
  2. Avcrete – ESD – LMC Conductive Flooring Mortar
  3. AVCRETE – PSL- Self-Leveling Floor Resurfacer
  4. AVCRETE – UL Screed- Pre-blended, Two Component Polymer-Modified Mortar
  5. AVCRETE ULS-T12- Pre-blended Polymer-Modified Mortar
  6. AVCRETE LMC – T5- Heavy Duty High Abrasion Resistant Floor Screed Mortar for very thin Overlays & Inlays
  7. AVCRETE LMC – EM- Heavy Duty High Abrasion Resistant Floor Screed Mortar for thin Overlays & Inlays
  8. AVCRETE USL-T5- Pre-blended, Single Component Polymer-Modified, Self-Leveling Screed Mortar for floor underlayment

Avcon reflooring, screed and floor finish product advantages

  1. Resurfacing of damaged and worn-off floors
  2. Floor level correction
  3. Resurfacing of oil-soaked floors
  4. Resurfacing of light and medium-duty industrial floors
  5. Compatibility with coatings such as Epoxy and PU for desired applications
  6. Easy leveling and coating with magnesium bull floats
  7. Impact and wear resistance
  8. Suitable for areas exposed to UV radiation and continuous moisture
  9. Capable of installing large areas in a single day
  10. Can be used as a final finished surface or as an overcoat
  11. Available in various colored finishes
  12. Easy to use, allowing for large areas to be poured with minimal manpower
  13. Self-smoothing properties, eliminating the need for excessive finishing work

Avcon reflooring, screed and floor finish product applications

Avcon’s reflooring, screed, and floor finish products find applications in various settings, including flammable areas, munitions and explosive storage areas, data centers, hazardous storage and processing areas, AGV areas, manufacturing and testing facilities.

The products are also used as underlayment leveling screed below floor finishes like marble, granite, tiles, and vinyl. They can be applied as a 12-40mm thick layer on new or old concrete surfaces and as a 4-5mm thick, self-leveling screed on new or old base concrete surfaces for leveling before floor finishes such as vinyl, epoxy, tiles, or stones.

Avcon’s reflooring, screed, and floor finish products offer a range of benefits and find applications in diverse industrial environments. They provide solutions for damaged floors, leveling requirements, and specific functional needs, ensuring a high-performance and visually appealing flooring system.

Ensuring the right flooring within an industrial facility is of utmost essential to maintain a safe, hygienic and efficient operational environment. Avcon Technics with its vast experience caters to these requirements of compliance & functionality of industrial flooring. Avcon has a proven track record of providing sound technical solutions  that balances the requirement of compliance & business needs, that  are delivered through a vast resource pool of industrial flooring products. The continual association with some of the biggest brands and repeated clientele is a testament to the company’s excellent performance.

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