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DIP App for Residence, Commercial & Industrial Building Problems

DIP – “Do It Professionals” is an app that connects service providers to service seekers for various types of construction chemicals required for civil works. It is an App for every kind of application-related services such as waterproofing, tiling, floor polish, injection grouting, floor self-leveling, painting/ coating, concrete repair and architectural finishing requirements. Each job service provided by DIP is covered with a warranty and you can print/save warranty certificates also on completion of the job.

The main advantage of this app you will be updated instantly about the progress through the Mobile App. All you need to do is to download and register on the app with your details. You can then upload pictures of the problem you face, and our team of professionals will suggest a suitable solution via the app. The quotation will include both supply and applicable charges. The DIP app will help you quickly monitor and keep abreast of the progress of the project. The app monitors and updates every step of activity that we undertake. The app saves you the bother of constant visits to check on project updates and their progress.

Do It By Professionals App for Residence, Commercial and Industrial Building Problems

Varied repair problems occur in commercial and industrial environments. When that happens, repairs are essential. Even the smallest blemishes can allow other elements, such as water and dirt, to get into the building and worsen the problem. Repairing a small problem now can save you quite a bit of money over replacing the whole slab in the future.  For both the residential/ commercial and industrial segments there are various options available in the DIP. You can choose any option as per your requirement and make a request in DIP.

Sub categories of Residence Commercial and Industrial section in DIP App

Under each segment there are multiple products you can choose one. Here we are showcasing the example of the Repair and Rehabilitation category.

Select the category and fill in the form

Each tab comprises different products that caters to your needs. What you need to do is-

  • Specify exact problem
  • Upload images of project requirement
  • Fill up Approx unit  [Sq. Ft]
  • Fill up your name, number, email and address

After successful submission, an applicator will be assigned.

Then you have to follow the instructions as per APP standard, an complete overview of how to use the APP is hereby given –  Do It By Professionals App for Concrete Problems.

Benefits of DIP App

  • The experts on the panel carry with them long years of experience in their respective fields. Having handled leading brands you can trust these trained professionals.
  • It is said that quality has no price, but with DIP you can get your things done at charges which are not only competitive but will also deliver maximum value for your money.
  • For payment various net banking and UPI id options are available in the application which will fasten the process.
  • Easy to use mobile application will update your day-to-day process of the work.
  • Matching the right professional with the right budget.

You can get the app on both Android as well as in istore.


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