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Construction Technics – Design, Engg. & Construction for Industrial Flooring

Expert solutions on Design, Engineering & Construction of Industrial Flooring & Rigid Pavements

Industrial flooring requirements depend on the specific needs of the facilities and the type of industry they serve. Floors must be designed and constructed to meet the specific needs of the space they are in. This can include considerations such as the type of use, the amount of foot traffic, and the aesthetic preferences of the owner. It must be able to withstand regular use and any potential hazards such as heavy foot traffic or exposure to chemicals etc. Proper floor engineering and laying can ensure that the flooring is functional and effective for its intended use. Floor engineering includes analysis of the site, site preparation determining the type of flooring material to use, the size and shape of the space, and any specific requirements or constraints that need to be taken into account. It is an important aspect of industrial flooring and plays a crucial role in the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of industrial facilities. Getting the right flooring engineering contractor is the key. Construction Technics, the design and engineering division of Avcon Technics, is addressing these requirements. They will provide  Design, Engineering and Floor laying services across sectors. involving the design, planning, and laying. They also undertake industrial floor repair services/

The company’s technical flooring services balance the compliance requirements of light to heavy industries. All the experience and design capabilities will be brought forth into conceptualization by the company and quality finished floors will be delivered. The company will work with industrial clients to understand their specific needs and provide recommendations for flooring systems that are well-suited to those needs. They will also provide detailed drawings of floor design, including layout plans and sectional elevations, as per the functional requirements of the flooring facility.

 Construction Technics services;

  • Design, Detailed Engineering and laying of Industrial Flooring
  • Design & Built solution of Rigid Pavements
  • Design & Built Solutions for Internal Roads of Factories and Warehouses & Truck Terminals / Heavy Parking Areas
  • Design and laying of UTW (Ultra Thin White Topping) for existing flexible pavements
  • Engineered concrete screed
  • Deck slab detail, design and laying
  • Floor repair- Conditioning Assessment of floors, Resurfacing of old floors to meet level requirements, Repairs of Floors & Joints

 Application areas;

 The company will provide services for a varied range of applications that includes

  • Warehouse
  • Cold storage
  • Commercial Places, Retail Stores and Malls
  • Textile / Garment Manufacturing Unit
  • Airports and Large Public Places
  • Exhibition Halls / Convention Centres
  • Data Centres & Electronics
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Textile & Process Industries
  • Internal Roads of Factories
  • Pharmaceutical Warehouse
  • Assembly lines in Automobile & Engineering
  • Loading & Unloading bays
  • Engineering Manufacturing area & Gangways
  • Aerospace detonator handling facilities
  • Electronics manufacturing & testing facility etc.

Each industry has a different process flow which requires various load resistance and MHE requirements. Each type of industry, therefore, needs a different approach to the design and engineering of the floor. Construction Technics understands these specific requirements and they are offering services as per the functional requirements of the clients and the industry they serve. The company’s team has vast experience that caters to the requirements of compliance & functionality of industrial flooring.

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