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Atlas Copco launches HiLight V5+ LED Light towers

Atlas Copco – a leading innovator in portable air compressors, light towers, pumps and handheld tools has launched HiLight V5+ LED Light tower which offers significant fuel savings of up to 65%.

These light towers are ideal for the most challenging site conditions such as remote construction sites, outdoor events, infrastructure, road construction, mining and temporary public lighting installations. The HiLight V5+ includes a HardHat® canopy as standard, which ensures maximum protection of internal parts. This range of light towers is perfect for multiple drop applications and providing robust easy-to-transport set of lighting options that match any site requirements.

The newly launched HiLight V5+ comes with a 2-cylinder engine and offers substantial fuel savings of up to 65% when compared to the typical fuel consumption of 6kW Metal Halide solution, creating industry leading competitive advantage. The innovative modular COB type LED lamps increases the expected lifetime by 40% and ensures a more even light distribution. These new generation floodlights have a high CRI score which enables a close to natural light effect. It’s compact dimensions, lightweight and robust mast ensure low operational costs and reduced noise levels while increasing illumination coverage with IP67 & IK10 protection.

Tony Van Herbruggen, General Manager, Power Technique, Atlas Copco said “We, at Atlas Copco, have a strong commitment to innovation and the environment, and therefore we have developed new technologies that provide bright and efficient light with 40% lesser emission, low fuel consumption and even low noise level. We always try to meet the industry demand with our sustainable and environment friendly products and are committed to lighting the future.”

The extended safety features give users complete peace of mind, even in the most demanding conditions. These light towers can be transported with their masts in a vertical position, enabling safer transportation and installation. When delivered, the manual mast can be extended to a height of 7.5 m with a wind speed stability of 80 km/h.

Our LED light towers come with exclusive 7 options which can be built into 21 combinations which makes them truly versatile and a perfect fit for diverse applications.

HiLight the future with reliable, safe and economical light from Atlas Copco’s LED HiLight V5+ light towers.


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