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Array of products and services from the house of Avcon Technics

Modern Industrial flooring requirements are more demanding and performance-based across sectors. Therefore there is a need for a balance between aesthetics and durability. There are a great number of factors to consider, from durability to final aesthetics. Getting it right the first time, with the right contractor for the product, has thus become a requirement.                           

What if you get both from a one-stop solution provider?

Avcon Technics Pvt. Ltd. (Avcon) provides turn-key Design & Engineered Concrete Flooring Solutions across sectors. The company has a proven track record of providing technical flooring solutions that balance the requirement of compliance of light to heavy industries.

We provide turn-key flooring solutions, from floor design to floor laying. They manufacture Industrial flooring and repair flooring products. They are also experts in floor repairing solutions.

Features of Avcon Technics Pvt Ltd;

  • First flooring company with ISO 9001-2015 certification in Concrete Floor Design, Manufacturing of Products & Project Execution.
  • Only company to offer 360° solution for flooring, rigid pavements from Design to execution.
Avcon Technics industrial flooring services and products
Avcon Technics industrial flooring services and products

The company’s service includes;

  • Design & Engineering of Industrial Flooring
  • Floor Repair & Conditioning assessment
  • Design and Built Solution for Rigid Pavements
  • Re-surfacing of old floors to meet level requirements
  • Repairs of Floors & Joints
  • Design and Construction of Truck Terminals
  • Low-intensity roads for residential and commercial applications
  • UTW (Ultra Thin White Topping) strengthening of existing flexible pavements with high strength 50-100mm overlay as per IRC Guidelines

The company’s products range includes;

  • Performance Products – comprises Acrylic Cement Modifier, High Performance Concrete Rheology, Shrinkage Reducing Admixture, Shrinkage Reducing Additive, Acrylic based membrane and High Strength Repair Mortar.
  • Flooring Products – comprises High Impact & Abrasion Resistant Screed Mortar, Conductive Flooring Mortar, Self Levelling Floor Resurfacer, Pre-blended Polymer- modified mortar, Pre-blended Polymer-modified, Trowelable thin screed mortar for floor underlayment, Screed mortar for very thin Overlays & Inlays with high bond and flexural strength and Heavy Duty High Abrasion Resistant Floor Screed mortar for thin Overlays & Inlays.
  • Decorative / Architectural Products – comprises Seamless Ultra-Thin Self-smoothening Polishable Screed and Cementitious Terrazzo System in  Seamless In-situ and in Tile form.
  • Resine Products- comprises PU Concrete & MMA and Epoxy & PU Terrazzo Built to suit Solutions
Avcon Technic industrial flooring products and services across industries
Avcon Technic industrial flooring products and services across industries;
  • Warehouse
  • Cold storage
  • Commercial Places, Retail Stores and Malls
  • Airports and Large Public Places
  • Exhibition Halls / Convention Centres
  • Data Centres & Electronics
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Textile & Process Industries
  • Internal Roads of Factories
  • Food & Beverages Industry
  • Cold Storage & Kitchen Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Warehouse
  • Assembly lines in Automobile & Engineering
  • Loading & Unloading bays
  • Engineering Manufacturing area & Gangways
  • Aerospace detonator handling facilities
  • DOD, Military & Military ordinance areas
  • Electronics manufacturing & testing facility and many more

Getting the floor right within an industrial facility is critical to ensuring that the site can maintain a safe, hygienic and efficient operational environment. Avcon Technics with its vast experience caters to these requirements of compliance & functionality of industrial flooring. The continual association with some of the biggest brands and repeated clientele is a testament to the company’s excellent performance.

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