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Surie Polex Marble Floor Polishing Machine 

Marble floors get affected by man and material movement over the years, leading to surface-level scratches and stains. Such marble floors can be restored by grinding and polishing methods. These methods remove scratches & stains and polish the marble stone floor back to its natural shine aesthetically. The selection of the right floor polishing machine is pivotal. Surie Polex Single Disc Diamond Polisher 2HP is that machine.

Advantages of Surie Polex Marble Floor Polisher

Surie Polex Single Disc Diamond Polisher 2HP is a lightweight machine that operates by using diamond pads to grind and polish or rotating brushes to scrub. There is a range of alternative attachments available with it for different floor surfaces. The machine also features durable accessories such as a motor, gearbox and water tank. It can be used for diamond polishing, buffing & scrubbing of marble floors. Its 2hp heavy-duty motor meets the most demanding requirements. The polisher can be also used to clean and buff a variety of floors, ensuring that your floors are free of dirt, moisture, and debris and are buffed clean to create a shiny surface. 

Features of Surie Polex Single Disc Diamond Polisher 2HP
  • Single-disc multi-purpose machine
  • High power induction motor
  • Well-balanced with a centrally placed motor system
  • Minimum noise levels
  • Minimizes dirt and moisture damage
  • Has a folding handle and separable joint design, assisting in easy moving
  • High operational fluency
  • Installed with the handle height adjustment system
  • Compact design to access even the most confined areas
 About Surie Polex

Surie Polex, started in the year 1985, is the largest Indian manufacturer and exporter of an extensive array of Floor Polishing Products. The offered range consists of best-grade Polishing Abrasives, Diamond Pads, Diamond Tools, Floor Polishing Machines, and Concrete Densifiers. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is used to make all the products.

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