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Appeal against Noida bench’s decision

A group of Shahberi residents has decided to appeal against the Noida bench decision to retract the case against the unauthorized builders and the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) for allowing these illegal constructions. The appeal is to be done to the UP-Rera in Lucknow.

As per the residents, a complaint was filed in the UP-Rera’s Noida bench and 28th of June 2019, was the date given for hearing the case. But before this hearing, the case was mysteriously revoked. As per the hearing of the 8th of May 2019, Rera had refused to take any cases coming from unauthorised areas and thus GNIDA was added as a party of the case. According to Harpreet Singh Arora, an advocate handling at least three cases filed by the housebuyers of the Shahberi with UP- Rera, on the 28th of June when they went for the hearing they were informed that the case was shut. This clearly showed that the case was closed before but then no further hearing date should have been given, or they should have been heard on the next date.

Residents said Rera was deliberately avoiding the “controversial case” and an appeal would soon be made with the higher body against the decision of the Noida bench. Residents alleged that Rera may also be trying to save the Authority as over 5,000 buyers are in a lurch in Shahberi.

Abhinav Khare, a resident of Shahberi said that Rera has been confusing them form the beginning itself rather than resolving their issues. According to Rera, they would not hear any cases from Shahberi since its an unauthorised area whereas, there are builders in Shahberi who have been registered under Rera. Thus the residents now have decided to apply to the appellant tribunal regarding this by next week. He also added that the cases needed to be filed immediately before the authorities started to demolish or seal buildings in that area.

Sources in Rera said the new date assigned could be a clerical error. “It is an automated system by which dates are assigned, and the next hearing date could have been a mistake. Shahberi is already an unauthorized area and Rera cannot take up such cases. This was clarified during the previous hearing,” said a Rera member.


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