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GDA to ask state govt for funding of 2,000 crores

A target has been set by the UP government to build 36,000 flats under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) by 2021. To achieve this target, the Ghaziabad Development Authority needs to spend a minimum of Rs 2,400 crores which is difficult for them at the current situation due to the scarcity of funds. GDA is in desperate need of financial help from the state government.

According to a senior official at the development office, for constructing the flat under the PM scheme the cost comes up to Rs 4.5 lakh. The centre provides Rs 1.5 lakh, the UP government gives 1 lakh and the remaining amount needs to be borne by the beneficiary. But the actual amount to build one of these flats comes up to about Rs 15 lakh which includes land and construction. This raises the difference amount for the GDA. Also, GDA requires 60 acres of land to build these flats.

Also, the UP government now wants GDA to use the infrastructure funds that they get by selling the properties for the PMAY project. The official added that, if those funds are also used than GDA will be left with no money at all to support its own projects. A meeting is meant to be held later on where GDA will ask the state government for funding of the PMAY projects. Private developers too can help in taking up more construction of flats.

According to the break-up, the target set for the GDA is 13,500 affordable houses in 2018-19; 18,000 units in 2019-20 and 4,500 more for 2020-21. So far, no flats under PMAY have been completed. The places where the GDA is planning to construct affordable houses are Koyal Enclave, where 1,800 units will come up. In Pratap Vihar, the target is 1,910 units; 1,441 in Masuri; 528 in Newari; 532 in Dasna; and 856 in Maduban-Bapudham.


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