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5 best ways to beautify your home this festive season

The festive season brings with it a fresh touch of cheer, lights, and the aroma of sweets. Adding to the zeal of the festive spirit, it’s the right time to add more color and brightness to your living spaces. The festival of lights has long been associated with cleaning every nook and corner, and adding some decor will lighten up your space even more. 

Here are a few fuss-free decor ideas you can use to beautify your humble abode:

Personalize your sitting space

The festive season calls for some much-needed family time, and what’s better than creating memories in a personalized sitting space? Yes, that sounds about right when it comes to spending some quality time with family and friends. Keeping it casual, add some decorative rugs, cushions, and side tables to make your family or guest room more relaxing and comfortable. Whether it’s for a Diwali party, potluck dinner, or casual get-togethers, switch up the seating in your living room while giving it a personal touch. 

Get creative with lighting

The entrance to the house or the foyer sets up the mood for the entire house. Thus, it is important to keep it well-lit and festival-appropriate. Give a luxurious look to your entrance foyer with a statement chandelier, sculptural light, or pendant light in hues of gold. You can opt from traditional to quirky contemporary designs tweaking your interior decor as per your taste. Go for warm hues like soft yellow or off-white that’ll light up your living room and give it a festive look. 

Make a statement with a new wallpaper

This is a great time to pump up the festivity with some bright colors. Giving your house a fresh look by adding beautiful shades to your walls is a perfect idea. Wallpapers are the way to go when you want to make a statement and amp up your living space. You can choose from tons of options without disturbing the color palette and vibe of your room. So, go for the right combination of patterns, designs, color palettes to uplift the festive spirit. However, the best part about wallpapers is that they are easy to apply and remove. 

Install a vertical garden

With the festive season in full swing, let’s talk about some eco-friendly options to brighten up your home. An indoor vertical garden is the way to go if you want to sprinkle some freshness in your decor. It not only adds a new green hue to your room but also acts as a natural air purifier. You can go for modular planting systems, hanging planters, and even devise a vertical garden with wooden frames and recyclable bottles as your DIY project. Gaining popularity as a compact decor idea, the vertical garden seems to be the talk of the town nowadays. 

Invest in artworks

The festive decoration offers the perfect opportunity to invest in art pieces. Adding to the ambiance of your home, the artwork will bring elegance and change the complete look of your living space. To spark the festive spirit, you can go for handcrafted candle holders, sculptures, wall art, tribal art, and other curios. Remember, artwork adds sentiment to the decor. 

Final Note 

Every time we think of festivals, we imagine vibrant colors and bright lights. It would be right to say that festivals do call for liveliness. This festive season, add some twinkles of bright lights, elegant hues, and festive decor to your home. It’s time of the year to make festivities more jolly by sharing happiness with your friends and family. 

Authored By;

 Nikita Wadhwani, Sr.architect at Design & Construct 


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