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White Lotus Group Appoints Chetan CI, IIM Alumnus, as Chief Operating Officer

White Lotus, a leading name in Bengaluru’s bespoke luxury real estate space, announced the appointment of Chetan CI as its new Chief Operating Officer. An IIM alumnus, Chetan has a remarkable track record of building scalable businesses from scratch within the competitive tech-startup landscape. Chetan CI brings a fresh, dynamic perspective and a wealth of experience to his new role. His appointment underscores the company’s commitment to challenging norms in the real estate industry by embracing a diverse talent pool, not limited to traditional real estate backgrounds. This strategic move seeks to embrace startup-inspired innovation into streamlining project management, guaranteeing operational efficiency at scale and timely project delivery across the company’s expanding portfolio of projects. This appointment follows the company’s recent announcement of a successful fundraise of 150 cr.  and their target to achieve a potential revenue of 1200 cr. 

Prior to joining White Lotus, Chetan played a crucial role as part of the founding team at a healthtech startup, where he led strategic initiatives to drive growth and revenue maximisation, ultimately contributing to its successful exit. He also served as the Head of Marketing for Cars and Financial Verticals at Ola, where he showcased his expertise in Revenue Management and Customer Engagement within the automotive and financial sectors.

At White Lotus, Chetan will work closely with Pavan Kumar, Founder & CEO and IIT alumnus to drive high-impact verticals of Business Development, Growth and Operations. Most importantly, his leadership will further foster a culture of technology-driven innovation in property development & end-to-end customer experience, strengthening White Lotus’ leadership as a young, unconventional player in the bespoke luxury real estate.

“Chetan’s arrival at White Lotus marks a pivotal moment, reinforcing our commitment to embracing young entrepreneurial talent into our top ranks. His diverse startup expertise across sectors and strategic insights promise to fuel our journey of innovation and growth. With Chetan’s knack for driving innovation at scale with his unconventional approach, we’re breaking away from looking at only legacy hires. This appointment not only signals a new era for us but also underscores our resolve to redefine the bespoke luxury real estate market. With Chetan onboard, we are geared to achieve our 1200 cr target and deliver personalised sanctuaries at scale.” – Pavan Kumar, Founder & CEO, White Lotus.

“I’ve always admired White Lotus and their approach to crafting bespoke luxury homes for years. This admiration evolved into a shared vision when I met Pavan, a master craftsman at first-principle thinking and leading the charge in redefining the fundamentals of bespoke luxury real estate for the long run. We truly share a unified vision for reshaping the industry, not solely through bespoke luxury homes, but by fundamentally altering perspectives on what a home should be. White Lotus embodies a strong spirit of design-centered thinking and innovation at its core. Building upon our robust foundation and leveraging cutting edge technology, I’m confident that a strong entrepreneurial team will help us achieve our shared vision of redefining bespoke luxury real estate for the long run” – Chetan CI, Chief Operating Officer, White Lotus.

As White Lotus expands its operations, it’s cultivating a dynamic team geared to collaborate in achieving the brand’s ambitious goals. In the coming years, White Lotus is committed to strengthening its team by strategically recruiting top-tier leadership talent and empowering them to spearhead initiatives that will revolutionize the bespoke luxury market.

About White Lotus:

White Lotus, led by a team of distinguished alumni from IIT and IIM, is a prominent player in the bespoke luxury real estate development industry. With a dedicated focus on redefining the Bespoke Luxury residential landscape, White Lotus introduced their innovative concept of ‘personal sanctuaries.’ Committed to surpassing conventional standards, the company crafts homes that transcend traditional notions of living. Through thoughtful design and experiential aesthetics, White Lotus Group delivers a unique and unparalleled experience for residents, setting new benchmarks in luxury living.


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