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4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Construction Waste

Whether you have a large or small-scale construction project on the go, you will need to figure out how to manage your waste. You may end up with piles of various unneeded construction materials like bricks or concrete and not be sure how to get rid of them. It’s not as simple as putting your construction waste out to the curb.

Every municipality has its own rules about construction waste and materials management, so it’s important to know what your options are. Keeping your project waste contained and organized can help you to maintain a safe and clear site.

When you consider your construction bin rental options or want to give away your salvageable materials, you will need to come up with a waste management plan. Let’s take a look at a few ways to get rid of your construction waste.

Rent a Construction Bin

 Renting a construction waste bin is an easy and affordable option to get rid of your project garbage. Construction bins are made of strong metal and can handle heavy loads. You can pile all of your asphalt, bricks, and concrete into one bin and keep your site clean of dangerous debris. When you order a bin, you will have a number of size choices to fit your project. All you need to do is make the call, and your bin is delivered for use and then picked up when it is full. A construction bin is a convenient and easy way to get rid of all of your construction waste.


There are lots of people that could make use out of your discarded construction waste. You may no longer need those bricks or concrete blocks, but they may be perfect for someone else’s project. If you want to sell or get rid of your reusable construction waste, you can advertise in your local classifieds or at online sites like Craigslist. This will allow you to get rid of your waste with minimal effort. Don’t forget to include a “pickup only” clause in your advertisement.

Free Pickup

If you aren’t interested in answering dozens of calls in response to a posted ad, you can take a simpler route. Neatly stack your reusable construction waste at the curb or at the end of your driveway and hang out a simple “free” sign. This will alert your neighbors that you have some materials that you are willing to get rid of for free. Most people can get rid of their construction waste quickly using this method.

Junk Removal

If your project is on the smaller side, you may not want to rent a larger bin for your construction waste. If you are cleaning out your home before moving, or working on a smaller renovation project, you can hire a junk removal company to come and take care of your construction waste. You will need to bag up the majority of your garbage, but construction materials can be thrown directly into most trucks.

Keeping your project site clean and safe should be a priority. Consider these strategies to help you remove your construction waste and keep your project efficient and clear of dangers. 


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