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Ascend launches PGP CBM: A Full-time Corporate PGP

The Construction Industry is expected to be the third largest construction market globally by 2025. Real Estate Projects such as residential, office, retail, hotels and leisure parks and Infrastructure Projects like Water supply, Oil and Gas, Metros, Highways etc., will fuel the massive growth of the Indian Construction Industry.

The Industry needs about 25 Lakh Construction Project Managers in the next 2 years to fuel this growth. 

The Post Graduate Programme in Construction and Business Management at Ascend School of Construction Business is a unique 16-months flagship programme that is led by real champions, driven by live projects and case studies which is designed to equip young managers with multi-disciplinary perspectives, thinking skills and research tools to help them accelerate growth, both for themselves and their employers.

Ascend School of Construction Business was established in 2020 in Bengaluru, India with a vision of nurturing young and dynamic graduates and transforming them into responsible leaders who can take on the tough challenges of the ever-demanding Construction Industry. The School is the first of its kind in the Construction Industry where the learning pedagogy is exclusively designed with our Corporate Advisory Board keeping the practical challenges of the Construction Businesses in mind. All our programmes are outcome-based and are fused with pathbreaking frameworks and strategies that our students will be using in their functions to develop unique solutions to overcome complex obstacles.


An Academic Programme, generally follows a set pattern where a student is required to take up subjects/courses set by the Academic Council and upon passing these requirements, the student generally gains a degree or a Diploma. Such Programmes generally follow a standardized classroom approach which has limited Industry Interventions.

The fundamental distinction of Corporate Post Graduate Programme by Ascend School of Construction Business is the scale and frequency of Industry Interventions throughout the

programme. With more than 10 Industry Immersive Corporate Intervention activities, PGP-CBM is India’s first such programme in Construction Management and allied sectors. The Ascend Model for All Round Excellence is a holistic tool helping the B School in moulding dynamic Construction Leaders.


The Post Graduate Programme will prepare candidates in taking on complex Business Management and Strategic Challenges of Construction Contracting, Sub Contracting, Consulting Firms etc. 

This programme also adds a Technical Flair to the horizon. Students can take up roles in Middle Management in the following profiles:

  • Project Management
  • Estimation and Quantity Surveying
  • Cost Management
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Contracts and Claims Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Infrastructure Management

Ascend School of Construction Business believes that Career Success totally depends on Skills, Professional Habits and the right Attitude that a candidate has mastered. To gain the level of Mastery required to take on present-day professional challenges, Consistency is the Key. We thoroughly subscribe to the fact that Placements is just the first of many steps in a professional journey that will span for a few decades. Therefore, instead of having a few ‘Placement Training’ sessions during the time of Placements, The Cohort of PGP-CBM will embrace a Career Development journey right from the first term that will continue with students throughout their course. A series of Live Masterclasses, Workshops, Role Plays and Simulations shall reinforce the Technical Managerial Skills with some of the most critical traits that the 21st Century Manager must possess like Design Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Critical Thinking, Leading with Empathy, Self-Leadership, and so on.

Career Development Mentorship

Students shall receive Individual Personalized Attention from the Head of Career Development who shall assist every student in the cohort in achieving Career Excellence. The students can consult the Coaches allotted for assistance on any specific issue or challenge and seek guidance. All insights and guidance given will be backed by Data which shall be collected throughout the length of the programme.

Campus Recruitment

The advantage of studying at Ascend School of Construction Business is the extent to which a student gains exposure to Corporate Practices and Individuals. This allows Business Leaders and Decision Makers to directly interact with candidates giving them multiple opportunities to access the Competency and Skill Set of the candidates first hand.

Ascend School of Construction Business guarantees 100% Campus Placements to all the candidates who fulfill the requirements of the Programme. The best performers in the

cohort shall have the opportunity to pursue International Internships and Placements.

Students willing to apply must be graduates of Civil Engineering or Architecture with a minimum of 1 year of Work Experience in the Construction Sector. Students willing to apply may call +91 9741619192.


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