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Why You Should Consider Laminate Flooring

A laminate floor can be swept and mopped, which is great for people with kids who like
making messes. Laminate also does not harbor dust mites and other organisms that
can cause disease in humans and animals.
This flooring option is highly resistant to dents, scratches, and stains, making it a
durable choice for households with an active lifestyle.

Aesthetically Pleasing
As well as the durability and comfort of laminate flooring, they also look fantastic.
Whether you want something light and bright to make your room look bigger or
something dark and rustic to add that family-style vibe, there’s a style to suit everyone.
Modern high-resolution printing means that there are few types of flooring that laminate
can’t imitate these days. This includes wood flooring, stone and ceramic tile, and classic
wood floor patterns like herringbone parquet.

When laying laminate, you’ll need to prepare the area before starting by removing any
loose dirt or debris and then covering it with a layer of underlayment. Once this is down,
you can start fitting the planks together. Most laminate floors are clicked or snapped
into place, making the whole process relatively easy and fast. You can even use a floor
fitting kit to help you with the installation. However, always leave a space around
pipework and in doorways. This will allow for expansion and contraction in the future.

Laminate is hygienic and can withstand high daily wear and tear doses. It’s especially
resistant to scuffs and scratches–a plus in homes with kids and pets. Because laminate
is not authentic wood, it isn’t as sensitive to moisture as wood flooring. This is
particularly true if you select a water-resistant finish. The base of a laminate floor
consists of pressed chipped wood pieces, which are then covered with an accurate
image layer and a durable wear layer. The lower layers are protected from spills and
harmful UV rays, making it an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and utility

Easy To Maintain
Laminate is a low-maintenance floor that only requires regular sweeping and occasional
mopping with a mild detergent. It is ideal for clumsy families and those suffering from
allergies, as it does not absorb dust or other allergens. It also repels dirt and stains,
making it easy to keep clean. To mop your laminated floor, add a cleaning product that
is safe to use on laminate floors to water in a large bucket. The water should not be
steaming hot, but it should be significantly warmer than lukewarm.

To keep your floor looking new, remove any scuff marks as soon as they occur and wipe
up spills immediately. It’s also a good idea to place a mat or shoe rack inside your front
door to help prevent tracking mud and grit onto your laminate. Also, consider placing
pads under the bottom of furniture legs to reduce scratches. This will save you time and
money in the long run.

Laminates are a great way to add style and value to your home without making a big
dent in your renovation budget. They also look like hardwoods, stone, and other natural
materials. Laminates have come a long way in recent years, with micro bevels and
deeper texturing giving them a more realistic look. Manufacturers have also focused on
improving their fade resistance and AC rating (a scale that indicates how durable the
floor is).

While most laminates are water resistant, they’re not designed for prolonged exposure
to moisture, as this can cause swelling and warping. Most laminates are also not
reversible, so you’ll have to replace them once they’re damaged. This can be a drawback
for people interested in their home’s resale value.


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