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What Are the Benefits of a Built-in Grill for Your Outdoor Deck?

Your house is the go-to summer hang out because you are the master grill chef, and grilling is art. If you love entertaining larger-than average groups of people, maybe it’s time to graduate from the small free-standing outdoor grill to a permanent built-in grill. Here’s some tips to decide if this upgrade is right for you.

Free Standing vs. Built-in grills

A free standing grill can be on the smaller side, and more susceptible to weather. Also, depending on the model, they can easily be tipped over. Many models are not meant to last more than a few years at best, and then more money must be spent to replace it. The benefits of a built-in grill may well be worth the higher up-front costs because it becomes a permanent fixture to your outdoor entertainment space. Some outdoor kitchens can be so elaborate, it’s like having another room to your house. 

Different types of built-in grills

The focal point of the outdoor kitchen is often the grill itself. The type of fuel it burns largely depends on the chef’s preference of propane, charcoal or wood pellets. Each style has it’s benefits of flavoring the cooked food in a unique way. So let’s talk about the classes of built-in grills, and what might fit the budget.

Economy level

These are mostly free-standing grills and are not recommended for a built-in style outdoor kitchen. These types are not built from metals and materials meant to last for more than a few grilling seasons and won’t hold up long term. Economy grills are mostly the types found in big box or hardware stores.

Premium level

These types of grills are built especially for outdoor kitchens and are meant to be built-in as permanent fixtures. This type of grill is mostly found at specialty stores or on-line retailers. They provide consultants to help find the perfect model. Choose a company that offers a lifetime warranty. If something goes wrong, it will be extremely inconvenient to have to replace a permanent outdoor fixture like this. 

Luxury level

If you have the money to splurge, then a luxury grill will be the Mercedes of built-in outdoor grills. These types of grills bring outdoor cooking to a whole other level and spare no expense with the features and gadgets. They have things like digital control panels, spring-assisted hoods, integrated smoker boxes, and sensor lighting. However, these awesome features also have an awesome price tag. 

Choosing the size

If regular summer parties are a staple at your house then you probably already know the size of built-in grill you need. For most people, help calculating the size of the cooking space equal to the number of people to feed would be appreciated. For example, cooking for 3 to 6 people requires a cooking area of 479 square inches or a 28-inch grill. A 42-inch grill has a grilling area of 990 square inches and can cook enough food for 12 or more people. 

Have fun

No matter what style of built-in outdoor grill you choose, the new grill will become the focal point of the outdoor kitchen space. You can look forward to delicious grilled meals while enjoying the company of family and friends, and making memories for years to come.


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