Webinar on Concrete Engineering Professionals Initiative

Concrete Engineering Professionals

Understanding Concrete and other materials for Concrete Floor Construction

Date: 5.6.2020 (Friday)

Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Link for Registration: https://industrialflooringengineersinitiative.easywebinar.live/webinar-free-registration

Your Speakers

  • Dr. Viswanath Mahadevan, Director, BASF Singapore
  • S.Ramakrishnan, General Manager (India), Monofloor
  • Piyush Sahni, Director, Yugal Floors

When You Attend, You Will Learn…

  • How possibilities are unlimited with admixtures for highly workable yet cohesive concrete?
  • Why a very low w/c ratio is not a good idea for floor concrete?
  • Have you ever viewed flooring concrete as a concrete practitioner and a concrete technologist?
  • Like workability, does w/c ratio also change with time?
  • Did you know that in RCC floors, a steel mesh at top and the one at bottom play entirely different roles?
  • Are you still specifying cementitious hardeners only as dosage in kg/m2?