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UP’s first plant to convert construction waste into bricks starts operations

In a first, a manufacturing plant which makes tiles and bricks from the construction waste has been made functional in the Sangam City. Located at Baswar, this is first-of-its-kind manufacturing unit of the state, that uses debris and construction waste that lies unused on the roads and causes air pollution, to make bricks and tiles.

Constructed at a cost of over Rs 5.5 crores, the plant has the capacity of handling 100 metric tonnes (MT) of construction waste per day. The plant is capable of recycling 50-100 MT of waste generated daily from the urban areas of the city. By recycling the debris, bricks, curb stones, tiles and slab covers, material to be used for road construction and interlocking would be manufactured.

The C&D waste plant was inaugurated on Wednesday jointly by Mayor of the city Abhilasha Gupta Nandi, Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Goyal and Municipal Commissioner Ravi Ranjan. With the inauguration of the plant, Prayagraj has become the first municipal corporation of the state to start C&D waste plant manufacturing unit.

Throwing light on the working of the plant, Municipal Commissioner Ravi Ranjan said debris from roads, buildings and other construction/demolition works often creates various environmental pollution related problems as well as issues such as clogging of drains and obstruction in the movement of roads.

“This waste plant will prove to be an effective way of turning these waste materials into something so useful”, he added.

The manufacturing unit has been constructed at a cost of Rs 5.63 crores of which an amount of Rs 4.13 crore was sanctioned from Smart City Project and Rs 1.5 crore from National Clean Air Programme. The purchase of bricks, curb stones, tiles and slab covers made from C&D Waste Plant will be done by the Municipal Corporation at a concessional rate. So far, about 15000 metric tonnes of construction and demolition waste has been collected from which recycling work is going on.

Now that the plant has been made functional, all C&D waste generators like land owners, builders, contractors, government/private organisations will be able to dispose their waste at reasonable rates. The agency identified by the municipal corporation will also do the work of collection of debris from various sites in the city.

On this occasion, Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Goyal appealed to all the residents of the district to get the debris generated from their homes disposed of at this Baswar plant.

“A simple step by the denizens will make them more responsible and at the same time it will help keep Prayagraj clean and prevent various types of pollution arising out of debris,” said Goyal.


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